Thursday, June 19, 2014

Surrounding Myself

by Staci L. Smith

I was scanning in old pictures for Throw Back Thursdays on Facebook (a fun little tradition where you put up old photos- a fun, and sometimes funny way to get to know your online friends better).  Anyhow, I came upon this one of me and my good friend Micah in my room- I think we were seniors.  
Micah and I in my room- high school- with all my art

Yes, he was a goofball, I adored him for that.  But what caught my eye, was my room.  I had my high school art all over my walls.  I surrounded myself with my art.  I had almost forgotten about that, and about the art that I was so proud of!

Growing up, my mom was all about decorating.  Though I loved hanging up my artwork and posters as a teen / young adult, once I owned my own home, it was quite boring.  I went right into mommy mode and never really gave decorating a thought.  I was / am certainly not a decorator at heart.

However, this last year, since I painted my studio floor, I have suddenly had the strong desire to put art everywhere.  
my handpainted studio floor, a year later, holding up well

The first place I decorated was my studio.  I hung art on the walls that I had purchased or traded for, or that was gifts from other artists.  
 folk art moon painting by me
 sugar skull calendar from my best friend
art by Ward Van Haute, Batikwalla, Sioux Wright, Genea Crivello-Knable, me a couple of etsy artists that are totally escaping me right now

I loved walking into my studio.  It made me feel inspired every time I walked in.

So I collected more great stuff, and just had nowhere to put it, or never felt like re-arranging to make it work.  Once I made the decision though, it rolled right along and now I can't seem to stop.

First I did my living room wall, and bought an accent rug.  
Art by Elise Mahan, Civilian Art, Jude Harzer, Sioux Wright, Collin Smith, Linda Hanes, me, and some other artists as well

That heart is by my 7 year old son, Collin, the others are by Elise Mahan on etsy, LOVE her prints.

Then I added art to my hallway, some by me, some by my kids.  I loved that they all had pieces of art in the art show this year.  So I framed them!

 The three on the far right bottom are the kids art from the show

 Aiden Smith Watercolor age 12

Collin Smith- Winter Tree- Age 7

Julia Smith- Pop Art- Age 9

Then, a gallery closed that I had my jewelry in, and I now had my display cabinet at home.  So I was thrilled to have a place to showcase the polymer art of Mary-Lynne Moffat.  A local artist whose work really speaks to me.
 Monsters by Mary-Lynne Moffat

 Gourd from art show, recycled wine bottle topper by my brother- Rich Klinger

 Mermaid by Mary-Lynne with shells and box by me

Votive holders by my kids

I put art everywhere I could.  Over the TV, at the end of the hallway.....
 painting by me

 sign was a surprise gift from a sweet friend!!!

Triple Hare tile by Jenny Davies-Reazor

The result:  I am inspired.  Everyday.  I love being surrounded by beautiful things.  I love the variety, I love that people I admire and love made a lot of it.  Being surrounded by art just plain makes me happy.  

Do you find that what you surround yourself with inspires you?


Karen Z said...

Absolutely! We just moved, downsizing considerably. I exchanged my traditional 'decorator' pieces in my living room for a wall of lighthouses, sea paintings, etc... gathered from closets and various rooms around our old house. Now, walking in, I feel 'at home' finally.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

This is such a wonderful post. I love every thing in your house. My house too has art EVERY where. Than you for sharing your lovely home

Meridy Migchelbrink said...

What a great post! Our house is full of art too...almost all of it things our friends (or we) have made, some of them dating back a long time. My office/studio walls are also covered with things that are special to me. It's just so nourishing to the soul to be surrounded by art of many kinds.

Thanks for the wonderful and thoughtful piece, Staci.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

What an amazing collection of art! I love that you have art everywhere. I especially love the pieces your children created-what a talented family! We have moved so many times (five) that by the time I am ready to hand my photos it is time to pack again,sigh. Brenton created a really cool modern sculpture from foam that was used to pack computers and that hangs in our dining room. Hopefully we'll stay in place long enough for me to get some of my own work up! ;)

Thank you for the lovely art home tour!

Ann Schroeder said...

I also surround myself with beautiful things I love. I particularly enjoy it when they are made by a family member. I do have wonderful art I've gotten at shows, on etsy, as gifts. But I also have photos by a friend (at home and in my office) a drawing by my sister's girlfriend, several drawings my sister made when we were teenagers, and four drawings by my brother in law. I love all these beautiful things surrounding me every day.

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