Monday, May 19, 2014

Getting Published

by Staci Louise Smith

I think I can honestly say that one of the most exciting things you can experience as a jewelry designer is to get published and see your work professionally photographed.

The upcoming Summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry has three of our very own contributors in it.  

Karen McGovern has two pieces in the gallery section....don't you love how they photographed them?  So beautiful.

Then I was flipping through and saw a great article by Carol Deckle Foss, who is soon to be our newest member at Love my Art Jewelry.

And I got this issue because I have two different polymer clay articles in it.  

So, how did we manage this?  Who did we have to know?  What strings did we pull, or hoops did we jump through?  

None.  We just submitted, and we got accepted.  

Now, every magazine is a little different in how they like things submitted, and when they are due.  Different magazines take different types of jewelry making techniques, the best thing you can do, is to find the magazine you think your work would best fit into, and follow the instructions they have for submissions.  

Submit a project, and then wait.  Don't get discouraged if you do not get accepted.  Most magazines take submissions for EACH issue. So,  say you submit a bracelet, they may already have enough bracelets for that issue.  You can always take your piece and submit it again to another magazine.  

If you do get accepted, make sure to ask questions if you aren't sure what is expected of you.  Having a good relationship with the editor is important.  However, keep in mind, they are VERY busy as well, and may take a little bit to get back to you.

So, if you have been wondering how you get your work published, that's it, just put it out there.

I will add that it may not be for everyone.  You may need to take step by step photo's of your process for the article, and you have to write detailed instructions, with measurements and resources for your supplies.  This comes easier to some then others.  I would still encourage you to try it, at least once, to see if it is up your alley.

Most magazines also pay you for your contribution.  So not only do you get recognition for being in the magazine, your name and work in there, and a link to your website, but they pay you too.
Another added benefit, is that people get to see how you make things.  You may worry that this will hurt your business, but I think your customers will value being able to see how handmade your pieces are!  What better way to show the work that goes into your art?!

I think its a win win all around.  The magazines want an influx of new artist to feature, so they have variety, you want to get your name out there.  No one loses.

Here are some links to submission guideline pages for some jewelry magazines just to get you started!

Bead Design Studio

Bead it Today

Belle Armoire Jewelry and Jewelry Affaire


Bead Style

Do it.  Just do it.  You don't know until you try!


Carol Dekle said...

Thanks for doing this post Staci! It was a shock to me when I got accepted. I had submitted 4 pieces and the only 2 that were accepted were sandblasted. I gave a little presentation to my jewelry class letting them know the exact same thing. Just submit! I also let them know that it's important to follow your heart and create a niche that is unique to you. That is what helped me! I look forward to sharing my creative journey with LMAJ followers!

Shaiha said...

Congrats everyone!

I have really considered submitting but I do everything organically and just the thought of having to measure & write everything down is enough to send me in a tizzy. So instead I celebrate the successes of people I know, or feel I know.

13 said...

I was thrilled to be featured in the Spring edition of Belle Armoire but it was over 14 months before I was published. I'd given up hope but it is because the editors need to work well in advance and will keep your jewellery until they've compiled the looks they need for a particular season. And it is well worth the wait.

stacilouise said...

Yes- as you said 13, patience is key. The magazines do have to prepare in advance!!

Holly said...

Staci, thank you so much for this lovely article! And congratulations to you and the other members of LMAJ for their published articles - this is probably my fave magazine out there right now, and seeing you all in it is amazing. :)

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