Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wrapping up the Bead Show

by Staci Louise Smith

After endless bead making, and posting about bead making- the Berks Bead Bazzar is here and gone.  It was a fabulous time, as always!

I was happy with how my booth turned out, I ended up with a lot more beads then fit on the 6' table!  So I had to stack and be creative.  I used my folding book shelves on part of the table, and then used a shelf the hubs made me- but I altered it to be higher.  I added a crate on the other side as well.  I made the shelf higher and removed the slats from the back of the crate to allow me to see my customers better.  Everything is so high once you use table risers!

Since my beads are unusual, I like to have lots of jewelry samples so people can envision them in actual jewelry.  

Diana of Suburban Girl Studio was my neighbor.  Her booth looked sharp, I love her magazine display!!!  

Jenny Davis-Reazor was next to her - her booth is always full of magical fun.  I like that she labels organized!

Next to her were Patti Cahill and Joan Miller

So it was nice, we had a great section of Artisans all together- (but there were many many more!!)

Even my lovely daughter had a little table, thanks to Joan Miller for thinking of her!
I was certainly a proud mama!  I even walked away a couple times and found her explaining my beads to my customers for me!  What a great little helper! (and she is only 9)

I came home with some great goodies- as always.

(show and tell time)

i got a nice tray of art beads- including an order from Marsha Neal Studio that takes up most of the tray!  Top right corner is some great Suburban Girl studio beads, top middle is Joan Miller, Top right is Jenny Davis-Reazor (she made the fox!!!) 

I also couldn't resist Grep Graup's bin of odd cabs.  You know odd and unusual is where i live in my designs!

(the grey druzies in the bottom left corner were from Mamania)

I had another tray full for the boys, who don't get to come with me.  They LOVE the cool rocks I find them in Greg's stash!

I also found a GREAT deal on pearls at Mamania's.  As well as some other gemstone strands.

I think that about wraps it up.  I am totally inspired now and cannot wait to catch up on things so I can make jewelry with my new beads.  Now its time to start getting ready for jewelry show season.

If you are interested, I am will be posting trays of beads up for sale on my facebook page later today, and listing in etsy early next week.  I have lots left to offer to all of you who couldn't make it to the show.

Diana is also listing some beads today or tomorrow in her etsy shop, so check in for new art beads.

Thanks for letting me go on and on about the show!  It was certainly consuming all my time and brain power.  I am slowing switching gears- back to jewelry and other art!

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Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I love that bead show!!! So happy you guys had a great weekend up there and that that "impending blizzard" really held off unit after midnight when most everyone was home safe! I was fondling some of those druzies but ran out of time (and cash) to get any. I will make sure to look and see if they will be at another local show (I believe they have a shop in NY somewhere around Fishkill or that region).

Glad you like the goodies! Cannot wait to sees what you come up with :)

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