Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rivet-ing Shopping....

by Barbara Bechtel

If you're looking to get started using cold connections and rivets, then you'll need a few essentials to get started! The most wonderful thing about using cold connections in your work is that the tools are very basic and most serve multiple purposes! If you're looking to expand your metal working tool box, then taking up our Cold Connection Boot Camp is a great way to acquire a few new tools that will help you on your metal working journey!

Hammers: Both a riveting hammer and a chasing/ ball peen hammer are great tools for your tool box. While a riveting hammer is just what the name implies, a chasing/ball peen can also be used for riveting with a little practice. Both hammers have many uses outside of rivets however so these should be the first two hammers you splurge on!

Fretz Riveting Hammer from Fusion Beads

Fretz Chasing Hammer from Fusion Beads

Metal tubing/ wire. or manufactured rivets/ tube rivets/ crimps:

You can make both tube rivets and nail head rivets by hand but if you're nervous, you might like to start out with manufactured bits made exclusively for this purpose. Personally, I always cut my own tubing and make balled pins for my rivets, but many use manufactured or precut items for ease of use/speed. Experiment with both for different effects and to see which works for you! Hobby type screws/nut combos as previously mentioned by Karen are also a super fun option with a great finish!

Metal tubing and accessories from Rio Grande              

eyelet started set from Rio Grande

Center punch/eyelet setter/rivet pliers:

pierce and rivet set from

A center punch might already be in your tool box if you drill holes, but if not, these can be found very inexpensively at your local hardware (or maybe in your garage already!) A center punch along with a universal eyelet setter will aid if you would like to try your hand tube riveting.

There are also a number of tube riveting pliers on the market (that are used with purchased pre-cut tube rivets) that make connecting a breeze!

Do you have any favorite tools to share for cold connections! We'd love to hear your favorites!

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