Saturday, October 26, 2013

Holy Holidays, Batman! What Month IS it? By Karen McGovern

So, I went to Walmart the other day and upon walking through the electronic doors I was IMMEDIATELY PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY CHRISTMAS.  After I picked myself up off the floor, I checked my smartphone and no, I had not been somehow teleported into the future, it really is the last week of October.
I love the subtlety, don't you?
Squeezing past 7,000 lit fake Christmas trees and working my way past 3,000 inflatable snowmen, Santas and cavorting reindeer, I felt sort of MOLESTED by this over the top, desperate attempt to start wringing greenbacks out of every man, woman and child in the vicinity.  I know the economy is down, but I think we all can admit that our culture has seriously abused the term "holiday spirit".
I don't do "holiday" themed work.  Not because I'm anti-holiday, but because I'm not good at it.  Whenever I try to force myself to create within any particular theme, my brain just freezes.  Sure, I could pile a bunch of red and green beads/patina/paint on something and call in "inspired by the season", but that would be such a lie.  Yet, we artists do try to capture an audience this time of year, hoping to entice folks to buy handmade for the holidays.  It's crunch time, people!
Many of my jewelry artist friends are already stocking up on designs for the holidays and I am so jealous of their ability to create lovely work that isn't a sell-out to Santa.  With that in mind, I have vowed to tackle one of my true artistic Achilles heels this season--EARRINGS.
Earrings kill me.  I hate to make them, can never think of anything innovative or original when trying to design them, and burn with jealousy when I see gorgeous earrings online.  YES, STACIE LOUISE, I'M TALKING TO YOU!
Look at these earrings by Staci...I MEAN LOOK AT THEM!
Yet, the few times I have made earrings they have sold very well.  So, I shall sit down and try to create a line of earrings reflecting my style of design.  COMMING SOON TO A FACEBOOK PAGE NEAR YOU!!!  I plan to surf my favorite artist's sites to bolster my courage and imagination, get myself some nice 20 gauge wire, and GO CRAZY (literally, you may never hear from me again...).

Earrings I have made that I did not TOTALLY hate...
Bottom line, I urge all artists to stay focused and not feel forced to create thematic jewelry that just isn't your style.  In the words of every signed high school yearbook in history, "Stay true to yourself and don't ever change!"

What is your go-to design for the season?  What designs do you struggle with? Feel free to share in the comments, and Happy HallowGivingMas! 


Shel said...

Yes, I got 'smacked in the face' with Christmas recently too. But it was back in September (!!?!!!) when I walked into Hobby Lobby - I mean seriously! And, next to the Christmas stuff was Fall and Halloween all mixed together. It was sensory overload - I just kept wandering around as if I was 'lost' or something. I wanted to tell you that I love to read your posts - you have a way of writing that just gets the point across but with humor - it's great. And Stacie's earrings are awesome (everything she creates is!!) but yours are nothing to sneeze at if you ask me - they're pretty amazing, too!!

Rising Designs said...

May I say, I do love the dragonfly mixed metal earrings especially.
And, I know you would be great at asymmetrical designs!No pressure.

Artisan Beads Plus said...

You're hilarious! I am not a theme person either and have resigned myself to the fact that I never will be.... I've tried!

Alice said...

Say it isn't so!!! Oh how I hate the retailers trying to shove Christmas at us in October. Christmas is my favorite holiday and they almost ruin it for me.

I love making earrings and enjoy being a part of the Art Jewelry Earring Challenge.
But lately I've been uninspired and missed the last four weeks.
Yes, Staci sure make gorgeous earrings!

KJ said...

I was in Target last weekend and saw the Christmas Section starting... along with Halloween.

As for holiday themed jewelry- I do not do it either. On the other hand, I bought some absolutely beautiful 12mm glass rounds with cranberry, gold, white, and probably something else a few years back and thought they would make a beautiful necklace any time of the year but would be particularly appropriate to the winter holidays. Of course I love the cold steel blues and whites for the same season.

Make what you love and that is joyful no matter what the season.

stacilouise said...

Awww- you are so funny! I actually don't like making earrings either. However, I began to like them more when I stopped making them as accents to my necklaces, and released myself from them having to match (going asymmetrical on a lot of them), I found I enjoyed them more. I also make an "earring tray" of my favorite little components and matching stones and such that I can mix and match....helps me to play with more ease. if I just sit and start without a mixed tray in front of me, they would NEVER happen! I am sure you will rock them, I love the ones you have here. (and yes, I don't do holiday either. sugar skulls in October is as close as I

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