Thursday, June 13, 2013

Working my Wire Out

by Staci L. Smith

Are you working on your piece for the Wire Work Out Blog hop?  Because its MONDAY!
You don't have to make some fabulouso wire wrapped cabochon or anything- just show us how you use wire, and let us know if you pursued anything new with it and how it went.
I started thinking about my wire work.  I wouldn't consider myself a wire artist by any means, but I sure go through wire!  I use it in every piece of jewelry I make. 
Here is a great example.
I made this piece using a gorgeous focal from Joan Miller Porcelain, a bronze scroll bead from me, and a stone effect glass bead from Genea Beads, along with a rustic garnet donut and turquoise disc.
As I began to lay it out, I thought about wire more, where I use it, how I use it.
I made a frame for Joan's large lentil, because I wanted to use it in a way that the holes did not lend.  I just used thick wire, and wrapped it around a few times, and then held it together by wrapping a smaller gauge wire here and there.
I also used wire to secure the leather and make the clasp.
This is something new I tried, I have to see how it actually wears- if it continues to lay right and all, but I just wired this turquoise disc onto the leather.
So there you have it, wire doesn't have to be fun or fancy, it can be very practical too. 
I did create a piece that is mostly wire for the blog hop though.  So I hope you will join us back here  Monday for that.  Just blog about your piece on YOUR blog, and on Monday, come to our blog and add your link at the bottom.  That's it.  Then hop around and meet some other wire workers.  Its a great way to meet new people, and find new blogs.  Not to mention, WE love to see what you guys are doing.  You inspire us too ya know!

I haven't taken this off yet, because I am testing it.  Yep, that's why.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
Hope to see you all Monday.


Erika said...

Yeah right, you're not a "wire artist." Well, I think you are Staci! Your wire work inspired me to try wire wrapping and wire work in ways I never had thought of. I used to not like it, but after seeing your work, I have a new love for wire wrapping.

Love the necklace. Beautiful as always!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

And that is a great story! Love it :o)

Cindy Pack said...

I LOVE your wire work Staci! I wish you were teaching in my area! I would definitely go! Your art jewelry is inspiring and I'm always in awe. I must own some one of these days! I can see why you haven't taking it off- I think that is a keeper! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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