Thursday, May 16, 2013

More on Displays, Lets Keep the ball rolling..............

by Staci Smith

I love talking about my display, after all, I worked hard on it, and it has changed and evolved over time.  I learned a lot the hard way, and the other stuff from other peoples bad I like to share what I know, in hopes of helping someone out when they start outdoor shows. 
The thing that I have worked the most on is the ease of set up and tear down.  I don't always have my hunky hubs to help me, and some shows are a battle to get your car in and out....not to mention, I am tired and hungry by the end of the weekend, and want to get home as quickly as possible.  Some shows even require you set up and tear both days- everything!!! (like if they are on a street which needs to re-open for the evening). 

So, here is a bit about my set up and my favorite tips to share.
First of all, I highly reccomend an EZ up tent with walls.  They truely are easy to set up and tear down, and the new ones even have walls that velcro to the top.

(Bethlehm Fine Arts Festival 2013)
The next thing I reccomend is GOOD tent weights.  I used to the cement in PVC ones that hung from your tent, the kind you can easily make yourself, and they were good,
but I found they are very hard on the tent frame, and still allow too much flexibility in high winds (in other words, my tent still jumped a few feet even with them in wind gusts). 
I now have these,
and I love them.  I put a sandbag (that is in a pretty brown pillow case) on top of each,

and have had no problems.  It secures it from the bottom, so you don't have to worry about tent height and re-adjusting the hanging weights.  Plus they stack nicely in my truck.

The next two items I took a lot of time on, were, ease of set up and tear down, and wind-proofing.
I know I shared this before, but I will share it again for anyone who is new.  I love these displays for my necklaces.  (for windproofing, they are velcro'd to the shelves and they have big rocks on the back).

I can leave my pieces directly on them,

and I just made slipcovers that go on top....

then they stack together,

and I put them in a tote.

Any bust displays I use, I take the necklace off and hang it on one of these

and then pack them up by tying fabric around them so the chains and such don't move.  Then I drop them in the tote too.

Rings go in a baggie.  drop in tote.

The rest of my jewelry is displayed in trays, that can then just be stacked (jewelry still inside) and packed into a tray case.

(jewelry tote and tray case)
The only items that need to be put out individually are my earrings from a tray onto the earring display- which is just shutter doors spray painted to my liking.

and my bracelets from a tray onto their display (which is just sewn linen filled with rice).

I use two crates and two sets of folding shelves to create height and use my space to the max.  The crates double as storage.  One holds my "checkout" bag, that has all my packaging and checkout materials, and the other holds all the bust displays.  This helps to maximize space in the vehicle, because that is pretty limited.
It has been quite a process, but I think I finally have it down to a style I love, and an ease that suits me.  My tables are light and easy to set up, my table cloths are fitted and don't wrinkle, so I can just ball them up, ect ect ect. 

Here are the pics of my set up, a little tour, less broken up. 

(brag break- I won Third in Show for my piece "All Knowing" this past weekend- my first Art award!)

 So thats my logic, how can I make it easy, sturdy and pretty?  Think about how you can make set up and tear down more efficient.  Utilize your space in your car too (using crates for display helps me a lot, because they double as storage for the car). 

I loved what Libby shared the other day, and really hope that works for her.  What little things have you found that save you time or space in your display? 


sandi m said...

Congratulations on your award!
I can't do outdoor shows due to a small car, but for indoor shows I have everything down to a science, too. The metal rolling jewelry case is my favorite since it holds 12 filled trays. I bought an inexpensive set of luggage that I use for all the cloths and display stuff. All easy to roll.
Love your mix of display pieces. Brilliant idea for the bracelets.
Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Love the idea of using velcro to fasten the necklace displays. I will say that a strong wind is my worst enemy as mine always fall over! Finding more efficient ways to set up the jewelry is always a good idea as displaying it is the longest part of set up! As for holding the tent down in strong winds, I use rectangle stone pavers. They are very heavy and look pretty as they are made of stone (fitting for an artisan jewelry booth)!

Great post!

lunedreams said...

Looks fabulous! I'm amazed how you fit all your stuff in those two totes--ingenious! I love your table cloth, and the charcoal color you use on your display items. It works perfectly with your pieces! A really cohesive look.

Sandi Volpe said...

Staci, congratulations on your award and thank you for sharing all your tips and write such great posts. Fantastic displays!!

Kathy Lindemer said...

Congrats on your award. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Petra said...

absolutely love all of these ideas. very creative and doable. the shutter idea for earrings is great too.

stacilouise said...

Just to be clear, only all the jewlery (and my jewelry making supplies) go in those two totes. I also have the crate on teh front of the table that carries all the bust displays and bracelet display, my check out stuff, two small tables for behind the counter and a stool, and a bag wtih rocks, rope, bungee's, clamps (for the table cloths in wind) and wood shims for uneven ground. plus the tent and shutters, and THEN it all goes into my car! fills up

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all of that! Bill has an EZ up tent too and it is E Z to put up and take down..... at least from what he told me about from his shows in the younger days. I don't have those experiences to compare it to. Thanks for sharing so much. It gave me some great ideas :o)

Libby Leuchtman said...

Omg this is such a great post! I have never seen those tent weights. Such a great idea. Dang you gave me tons of ideas, plus i love seeing artists displays.
Congrats on the award!

Gaia Copia said...

Wow, I'm so thankful that you took the time to post all of this. I was actually just reflecting on how amazing it is that you do all of these shows AND have children! I was thinking you must have really gotten down what you need and how to pack it. I was curious but didn't want to ask. And here the info is!
I'm nowhere near ready to do shows yet but I'm bookmarking this for when I venture in that direction. Still working on getting enough inventory built up for online and local shops. Now I have a better idea of what it takes to create a cohesive booth.
Thank you for sharing your amazing set up!

Karen Hartt said...

Thanks for all your sharing Staci. I haven't had the courage to do an outside show yet, but next year. I use a 4 sided peg board on a lazy susan. I hang picture frames holding my necklaces on the peg board. I use a tote to hold the picture frames so I don't need to unload the jewelry. I also use one for my earrings.


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