Thursday, February 28, 2013

BEADS beads and More Beads

by Staci L. Smith

I am still up to my elbows in beads, but at least, they are all done now!  I am finally ready for the bead show.  It's really a lot of prep to re-stock inventory at the beginning of the year.  Once I have a full inventory for Berks, the rest of the year I can just do small batches as needed, but this, well, this was a HUGE undertaking.
Each metal clay bead is hand formed, or molded, or stamped and cut out, dried, sanded, fired, cleaned, tumbled, patinated, sealed, waxed, and has the holes re-cleaned.
Each polymer bead is hand formed, fired, painted, painted, painted painted, (yes, some have up to 5 layers to get the effects I like) and sealed.  The painting is very labor intensive!!!!
The last of the prep is pricing, and I will be finishing that up this morning.  It is my least favorite part.
I always do a mock up of what my table will look like as I prep, so I know where I need to fill in as I make beads.  Here she is, all ready to get packed up.  I leave tomorrow for the show.
You can compare where it was a week ago, to where it is today.  Here is last weeks post
Here is the whole display, complete with jewerly samples and all.
Here are some close up shots of the trays of beads I will be offering.  After the show there will be a massive etsy update! 

Thanks for letting me share my progress.  I promise to post about something other then making beads next post.
I think I actually feel ready for this show.  Which is odd for me, there is usually a whole list of things I feel I need to do that never get completed. 
Do you ever feel completely ready before a show? 


Gaia Copia said...

I'm blown away by the amount you are able to produce!
I'm curious, on the butterflies, lower left of the last photo, is that a natural patina on the metal and if so what do you seal your metal patina with? It's such an intense amount of rich color. I love it.
Your setting looks very pulled together. All the shades and shapes compliment eachother perfectly and your choice in natural wood for some of the bowls and boxes repeats that earthy feel nicely. The black gives it a touch of class and the background cloth, mwah! Perfecto! Now you can go and just enjoy the show!

freshbakeddesigns said...

Yes! Enjoy the show and reap the rewards, too. May your customers act like kids in a candy shop!

supere67 said...

Beautiful! Can't wait for the massive etsy update!

Libellula Jewelry said...


Best of luck for a very successful show. :)

LisaS said...

Your display looks great! Looks like lots of lovely interesting things I would love to take my time pawing through ;) Will have to at least stop by your website one more time...

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I am amazed! I will be excited to hear about the show. Take lots of pics!!

Kelli said...

Wow!!! I so want to come shop! Best of luck!
And no, I never feel completely ready before a show. I always wish I'd made more of this, or one of those, or more red.....never can make enough red, it seems.

re-maker said...

All of your work has certainly paid off... everything looks fantastic!

I usually feel like I'm forgetting at least a dozen things before a show, but as I've gotten older I've learned to be more zen about it and it always works out.

Stacie said...

I know you have really worked your tush off and it sure shows...what a fun display and I know you will be super successful...your display will dwindle down fast!

Stacie said...

I know you have really worked your tush off and it sure shows...what a fun display and I know you will be super successful...your display will dwindle down fast!

Chris said...

So many wonderful pieces and delicious work to buy~! Hope your show is super successful.

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