Tuesday, September 25, 2012

guest post - ersi marina

On 3 September I was asked by Mary Jane Dodd to write a guest entry to this blog.  I was excited and thankful for the opportunity, and I am happy to be here with you all. 

My name is Ersi Marina Samará.  I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece and I have been living in Spain for the last 31 years.  I studied drawing and painting in Athens, and photography in Barcelona.  I also love literature, so I attended creative writing courses for five years during the nineties.  I got some short stories published in literary magazines.  Through the years I have learned as much from my own experimentations and from the work of artists I admire as from my studies and books.  You could say I am 50% self-taught and I certainly keep learning new things about my art and myself every day.

between words and fortune

I am constantly attracted to new techniques and media, and sometimes I need to step back from my work so that I can take everything in.  I like working with watercolours, India ink and graphite, though I also use acrylic inks and gesso, and collaged elements. 

the seamstress

untitled II

Lately I have been incorporating new materials to my work, particularly fabrics.  I am still a beginner in textile art and I have a lot to learn, but fabrics, their colours and textures, their patterns and history, have always fascinated me, so I think they are in my work to stay.

contemporary embroidery

Many things inspire me, physical objects, images or even ideas. But everything goes through the filter of my feelings. I can be very cerebral analyzing a finished work, but I need to create with feeling, establishing a deeper communication with my work, listening to it and trying to satisfy its needs.

sometimes outside

I usually avoid strong visual statements that seem to cry out their message.  I prefer whispers to shouts, suggestions to commands, serenity to tumult.  But I admit I also like contrasts.  Life is full of contradictions, people too.  Sometimes trying to express these contrasts and contradictions in my work is all too tempting. 

Eleonora di Toledo
a free interpretation of an original painting by Agnolo Bronzino

In 2011 I became very interested in book art, especially artists' books.  That is an area yet to explore and I crave the time necessary to do it.  

a long path with pauses - cover

a long path with pauses - inside pages

(editor's note:
ersi also made a beautiful contribution to the flags for peace project this past week, you can see it here)

ersi can be found -


mairedodd said...

'but everything goes through the filter of my feelings.' - i love that line, ersi... you have so much of interest in your background... i really enjoy seeing how coming from a place like that turns into individual pieces, the influences, etc... it is all so beautiful - 'sometimes outside' really pulls at me...
thank you so much for being here!

ersi marina said...

I appreciate your words and your sensitive approach to my work, Mary Jane. And I am grateful for this opportunity to talk about my work and show some of it. It feels really good to be here, where there are so many beautiful artists and works to discover. You opened the door to a new creative world for me. I am now even thinking about trying my hand with jewellery myself!

Julie Holmes said...

Beautiful work Ersi! It comes through in your post how truly connected you are to your art, and that it evolves as you evolve. Thank you for posting for us today. I look forward to your blog.

Stacie said...

"I prefer whispers to shouts, suggestions to commands, serenity to tumult." oh, this was a gorgeous way to describe your wonderful work...what a treat to find you here this afternoon!!

ersi marina said...

I wish I could answer each comment individually but I do hope my answer will reach you.

Thank you Julie Holmes for your lovely words, if my work really shows my connection to it I cannot ask for anything more!

And Stacie, I am moved that you like that description of me and I do thank you for your generous comment!

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