Thursday, September 27, 2012

Collaboration Comes to Fruition

I think I have mentioned that Genea of Genea beads and I have been working on some collaborations.  Genea makes wonderful and whimsical glass beads that I adore!  We met long ago through Lori Andersons Bead Soup blog Party, and have been fans of each others work ever since.
This is a picture of the bead soup that had me drooling!!!!
So, Genea and I did a trade for beads at the beginning of the year, and she was so inspired by the colors in my polymer beads, that she made special sets of wing dings to match.
She came up with the idea to make limited edition sets with her wing dings and my polymer in these colors.  I thought, why not, sounds fun!  And guess what, it was!

It was a lot of work, and we had to work out many kinks along the way, but finally, last week, we launched our limited edition one of a kind sets, and we couldn't be more excited!!!!  Each set is completely unique, and comes in its own packaging that Genea created specially for these sets (she is the detail person in our collab!!!  Thank goodness for that!)

All in all, its been a great experience, and it reminds me that only good comes from exploring new possibilities with other artists.  I can't wait to work on another collab with Genea, as well as other artists.  There is a whole world of like minded people out there- who are still different enough to get together and create amazing things!

If you'd like to see how the sets turned out, or purchase one, you can find them in Genea's shop
Or you can read more about our Collaboration here on our new blog We Social Artists, Collaboration and Inspiration.  We plan to feature wonderful artists who have collaborated to create unique and one of a kind art together!!!


Kristen said...

And beautiful sets they are especially in person!!!! I can not wait to work with my set!

Julie Holmes said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love them all!

Genea said...

Awww look how sweet you are! This is such a wonderful post! I look back on the photos and everything we have done up to the release and I am so proud of us and so excited to have teamed up to create such a wonderful finished product! I can't wait to do another!

xo Genea

stregajewellry said...

These are just fantastic!

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