Saturday, August 11, 2012

How have you evolved?

MaryAnn Carroll
After reading Stacie's post yesterday, it made me think about my own transformation. I cannot say that I have many people in "real life" that have inspired my designs since I don't know too many people who are into jewelry like I am. Most of my inspiration came from searching at different designs online. Also, like many, my original experience with jewelry started with stringing beads. The very first jewelry I ever made, I did for Christmas presents. I don't have pictures of those, but I know that the people that I gave them to still have them :o)

So.... here is a little about my transformation:

Beads strung....

Moving onto making my own bail.... I took apart a couple of necklaces that I bought at a jewelry party to create this one, since I wanted something that the bead store didn't offer.

I then went onto experimenting with wire.... I really had no clue what I was doing other than what I saw in magazines.... I still have lots to learn about wire.

I then got an itch for something more. I had a small kiln available and started to make ceramic beads. My first beads were made from earthenware which is fired to 1800 degrees.

I then moved onto a mid-fire porcelain and stoneware clay which is fired to 2200 degrees.

Following that I went onto enameling which quickly led into cutting discs.....

..... and here I am today with copper tubes.... There will be more styles coming out in Belle Armoire....

I am experimenting more with this medium and enjoying it immensely. I am able to combine enameled components with ceramics. I am definitely the type that just likes to see where life takes me and that applies to my creativeness as well.

So, where did you start and where are you today? 



Stacie Florer said...

Awesome "Roots" story, Maryann! I will always love my roots in beading, but isn't it cool how when we find the mediam that really resonates, we just take off with it? I want to explore clay more too...and am lucky enough to be in an area with LOTS of clay the direction you are going in...I have been exploring copper tubing too..but wow, have we gone in different directions with it! Which goes to show that it isn't so much the materials that matter, as it is what we bring from our souls to that material.

stacilouise said...

This is great, I think we should all do a roots post!

maryann, your early pieces looked very much like my early pieces ( love turquoise too).

Even though your work was simpler in nature, you had, and have a very good eye for design and flow.

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Thanks, girls! Stacie, I would love to see what you are doing with copper tubes.

Cindy said...

Mary Ann, I enjoyed learning more about your creative journey just as I did reading Stacie's post! Would you believe, I started with wire. I've tried many things that I've enjoyed such as lampwork and enameling. When time allows maybe when my kids are a little older, I'd love to pick those up again. But for now, I'm still crazy about wire, my first love.

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