Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can't you just feel the Love Chain?

MaryAnn Carrol
So, have you seen what a success this chain has been? Have you been following it? Did you know that our very own Staci Louise Smith is the person who came up with this fabulous idea? I must say it has made its rounds and is definitely making an impact on the love of creating with handmade. Today, a new winner will be chosen to have their chance to receive this chain, trade handmade beads and bring love to their own blogs when they offer it up to the next lucky winner. look where it has been so far.

Today, it will be leaving 

and heading to a new lucky winner.

If you haven't followed this chain yet, this is a great opportunity to share the love of creating handmade with handmade. So, if you create your own components or you are someone who loves to use components created by others, this is a perfect opportunity for you.....

Find out who today's winner is and get ready to follow their blog for your chance to host the 

Art Bead Love Tour !!!


Christine said...

Wow! This is one incredible piece.

Stacie said...

This is such a great project! Good luck to the new winner!

stregajewellry said...

What an amazing idea! This is a beautiful thing!

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