Friday, August 3, 2012

CHAOS. Complete and utter chaos!

                                                                                                                           by Kelli Pope 
 I was hoping to post some lovely pics, and blog about the new and wonderful pieces I've made with my new ceramic beads, but it was not to be.   Ever feel like “Chaos” should be your middle name?  I feel like the last year has been complete and utter chaos.    Something happening ALL the time.   I used to have a wonderful routine.  Church & family time on Sunday.  Work Monday – Thursday.  Studio/creative time on Friday, and most of Saturday.   Not sure what happened to that.   Not that I’m organized or scheduled, by any means,  but it was the  plan and it was a good one.   J

Now I find myself needing to fill 2 shop orders. My first Fall show looming over me, is in early September, and a private show is to be scheduled end of this month.   And, I don’t even have enough to fill one shop order at the moment!    
                      (This is all I was able to get done this past weekend.... aaah!)

  CALGON!!!!!!!!!!........ well actually, maybe “WHITE ZIN!!!!!!!!!! TAKE ME AWAY” is what I should be shouting!!

My fellow women artists who do all this, AND have children…… how in the world do you manage?! You have my utmost respect!!!  Every year after a little time away from the studio in January, I promise myself to get an early start during my "down time" before Spring shows, so I’m not fighting the Fall /Winter “Art Show Shuffle”.   Yet here I am. Again.  But there just WASN'T any down time this year.   (is there ever?)  

I currently have glazed beads drying on the kitchen table, waiting for MORE glazed beads before I fire them.  
I have beads on the family room table waiting to be glazed, next to the copper that needs cutting, forming, sanding.

I have copper on the bench waiting to be hammered, so it can then be patinated or antiqued.
I have these pendants and pieces ready to be bisque fired, but not enough for a firing.

And I just got in this WONDERFUL new box of clay and glazes, that I’d love to just dive into right now. ( ooooh it's just so tempting!!!!)  

Does any of this get jewelry, the final product, made to fatten up my inventory?   ...sigh.....      Chaos.  Complete Chaos!   The good news is, I work well under pressure. (and have a VERY loving and VERY supportive husband who deals with my "chaos" all over the house!!!)     The more I’m squeezed, the more I produce!!   HA!   So hopefully the next few weeks will net an incredible amount of production, before I feel completely squashed.     And the best thing is, I love every moment of this... the creative, artsy, handmade part!  Do I wish I had more time to create?  ABSOLUTELY!!!   But I am SO, SO very grateful that I do have some time to do it.   It's what keeps me sane.   It's my sanctuary.... my "happy place"  :)           
                What does your creative time mean to you?   


stacilouise said...

I hope you have a very industrious few weeks. You've had a lot going on, and well, lets face it, chaos happens. I have kids and "do all this" but barely, and really, probly don't "do all this" like you may think! Its always crazy, there is always something or two not being done. Thankfully I work well under pressure too.
So, may your muse and energy be plentiful as your shows approach:) You got this.

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Hahahaha! If it weren't for chaos, I'm not sure I would feel that I exist ;o) Good thing you work well under pressure.... I do too! Good luck! I'm sure you will pull it off :o)

Julie Holmes said...

You'll make it Kelli! It may feel like you have nothing done...but there are a lot of things in progress! It will happen. I am not me without my creative time. It brings me back to myself.

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