Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's on your wish list?

By Julie Holmes

I love tools and have most everything I need to get the job done...and still I lust after a few things.  One is this jeweler's vise.  I would use it for cutting bezel strip and getting nice straight cuts that would make the soldering go better and finish nicer.  You can read about what John De Rossier thinks about them on his blog.

I also wish I had a lapidary machine for "stoning" down my enamels.  I've used one in the past and it makes the job quicker, easier and more symmetrical.  Merry-Lee Rae explains how she uses this process here.
In the photo on the left she has one of her enamels mounted on a dop stick for grinding in the expanding drum lapidary machine.

I could use a nice big Oxy-acetylene torch for annealing larger pieces of metal. Chris talks about jewelry making torches on his blog .

I'd also like one of these for after a long hard day at work :)

What's on your wish list?


stacilouise said...

I love tools too. Right now my wish list is big, and I think I am adding a jacuzzi too, why not, its a wish, right?

I just want a bigger studio. I have outgrown my room. I want to get an oxy / acet. torch but would need propper ventilation. I need a sink, taller counters, more shelves.....ya know, thats all. *sigh*

Jo said...

I've got so many lovely tools, and I'm really lucky to have a studio to keep them in too, but there are always more to put on my wish list! This is the biggest wish at the moment - a kit that would allow me to make a wider range of hollow forms and beads using my hydraulic press - I've made some of my own dies, but they're not nearly as good as these one!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I think you left out the wine opener "tool" to go with the hot tub :o) I'm going to check out the links when I get a faster internet connection from home. I am interested in that torch!

mairedodd said...

thanks for the links to other creatives - i am following one of them now... you know what would make me so happy? a big old anvil - really big... the vise is an excellent tool - i'll take one of those too!

Cindy Pack said...

When I read this I thought- how can I name one tool on my list- and my list is so BIG! Haa! But just now I thought of what I would LOVE To have one day is a professional ventilation system so that my studio air is clean and ok to breathe. So often I feel like I am choking in here and have to open the windows. (like right now)
So yeah- clean air! :)

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