Thursday, June 7, 2012

guest post - susan of libellula jewelry

I’d like to talk about “style” and whether or not our work is perceived as having a “cohesive style”.  I’ve been told that in order to create a brand and have my work be recognized or known, that I must settle upon a style and make my work more centered and cohesive.

At first, I tried to decide exactly what my style is or isn’t and it quickly became obvious that I could not limit myself or box my creativity into one style.  I remember reading Lori Anderson’s blog posts about her eclectic style in both her home decoration and jewelry design.  It has not held her back.

It reminds me of an acquaintance in New Orleans.  Shamarr Allen is a trumpeter, singer, and songwriter who started out learning the Jazz standards.  He became not just good but very, very good and the old guard Jazz musicians wanted him to stick with only Jazz.  They didn’t like that he was young and wanted to branch out into Hip Hop or Rock-infused music.  That led to him recording a cd titled Box Who
In?  He went on to record and tour with Willie Nelson and Asleep At the Wheel and got some experience playing Country Swing.  He has since said that he will record any kind of music he wants and that he might even record a Country cd. He might be joking--or not.

So, I’m going to listen to my heart and follow my ideas wherever they might wander.  I may never have a body of work that is distinctly recognizable as my “style” but I will have been true to what I enjoy making.  And just in case, I’ll keep putting my little tags on my jewelry.  Maybe that will help people know it’s my

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Julie Holmes said...

Amen to that! I love your work, it's all gorgeous and I think the fact that you are able to create in many different "looks" means you are endowed more than many with creativity and passion for what you do.

BluMoon said...

Susan, your work is lovely, I have often seen it suggested that you get a 'style' that can be easily recognised not so easy to do and who wants to always be doing the same old thing when you have hundreds of great inspirations roaming around in the head.
I think the only thing I do that I am told is recognisable is my clay work.

Izzy said...

"From now on, I'll connect the dots my own way." ~ Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes

You have connected your own dots in a beautiful way! =)

mairedodd said...

thank you so very much for posting here, susan... your work is really lovely and i appreciate the fact that you experiment and are open... there is a you-ness that pervades all of the work...

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

I appreciate this post! I think style is ever evolving, too. It's definitely dynamic and not static. And there are too many fun and exciting techniques to limit ourselves to just a few that might define one style.

AND! Your work is just gorgeous no matter which style it is.

Libellula Jewelry said...

Thank you *all* for such incredibly kind words.
I think that we should definitely take Bill's words to heart and
"connect the dots [our] own way". And, if we keep learning, there is no possible way that our work can fail to change and evolve. New skills = new paths to explore!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Thank-you for the thought provoking post. I think as artists, that we should open our minds and instead of looking for a style, let the style find us. I'm still working on that. I love your work and your "style!"

stacilouise said...

really wonderful advice. we need to be open to where our muse takes us. I do think that no matter what we try, it ends up being ours, "our brand", in some way or another.

Thanks for sharing!

lunedreams said...

Yes, Amen! Your style is whatever you say it is. And whatever "genre" you try out, it will have your own unique style! I don't think a style is something you TRY to do, you just make what you like. That way it's always authentic.

Libellula Jewelry said...

Thanks, ladies. I agree with all of you. We need to open our minds, follow wherever our muse takes us, be authentic and allow our "style" to just *happen*.
Thank you for your support :)

Kelli said...

Great post. I'm not so sure, as artists, that we "choose" a style. I've been told I have a distinct and recognizable style. It's not something I sought out. It just happened. I think Over years, we just shine through in our work. I know countless jewelry artists whose work I can identify wherever I see it; Mary Noelker, Roxy Lentz, Leslie Fawcett, Maire Dodd, Robbie Moriarty, .... To name a few.

Bre Anderson said...

You have beautiful creations. I really admire them. It's not bad to follow trends but it's always best if we show our own style. Bre from sell scrap platinum.

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