Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bead Fest and the beginnings of production

by Barbara Bechtel

In December, as I was evaluating my plans for 2012, I was feeling a bit introspective and thought that this year would be my year for slowing down and reexamining the work I've been making and growing my roots deeper to help strengthen my work.

Not long after I had decided that, I was presented with an opportunity to exhibit at Bead Fest in Philadelphia in August. I was filled with anxiety about making that decision. It didn't seem to fit in with my plans at all. The more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder about this opportunity that the universe was presenting me with:

Perhaps, not only would this help reinforce my goals, but it might teach me a better way to answer the questions I keep asking myself.

Was this not the opportunity that I've worked so very hard for since I began making beads and jewelry over 3 years ago?

What did I stand to lose by jumping in with both feet, instead of sticking in my big toe to keep testing the water?

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 "Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. "
~Ray Bradbury

Unconsciously, I'd had the above image as a screensaver on my phone for several months. What was it that made me put it there in the first place? 

And so, with a giant leap, and a deep breath, I jump!

 the small beginnings of many months of work ahead....

What big LEAPS have made and did you find your wings on the way down?



Kalaya Steede said...

Thanks for the pic. I had a chance to see Ray Bradbury give a lecture. He was wonderful! Have a great time with Bead Fest!

Alice said...

I'm a firm believer that some things happen, not by chance, but for a reason. I'm glad you took that chance and dove right in.

As for me, I think the biggest leap I took has nothing to do with creating. I was part of a committee at our church, one that requires quite a bit of leadership skills and more. The chairperson's husband was just diagnosed with cancer and she asked for someone to take over. If anyone knows me at all, they know I am most certainly not the leader type. But I did it anyway, and have really surprised myself. I've grown so much these past seven years because of this. But really, I'm still the same person who tends to dip her toes in and never jump in.

stacilouise said...

You will be at Bead Fest August???? OH- I will have to come and see you. I hope its not the same week we take vacation. I think you will do great! My jump- wasn't such a big one, it was Berks Bead Bazaar. With only 8 weeks to prep...buts its much smaller then Bead Fest Philly. Still- I am glad I did it. I now feel ready to try bead fest next year- maybe!!!! Jumping is very very good.

Stacie Florer said...

What a wonderful post! Congrats on leaping and trusting that you are bringing to you what you need right now. I have recently made a huge leap and am excited, scared, thrilled and dizzy from the implications, but hey, what are we here for if not to experience ourselves doing and being who we are at our cores. Sounds like a great opportunity...and you are totally prepared for it...can't wait to see how this new journey goes! You go through one door, only to find out there are many more waiting to be opened. Yay!!!

mairedodd said...

you have been working for this moment and i am so proud of you for feeling the fear and moving through it... i love that poster - someone once told me 'jump and the net appears' - it's true... and yes, i have made great leaps this past year - mostly of the personal nature... readying for more in other areas of my life...
you can count on my stopping by - your booth is going to be fabulous!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Sweet Barbara,what a beautiful post and the R.B Quote just made me want to cry..in a good way..I get emotional like that when I hear words so powerful they punch you in the gut!
I am so happy for you,this is exactly where you are supposed to be and I for one am learning from you and your fearless spirit...I am still working on my fear..swallowing hard everyday as I step one foot in front of the other.
Thank you.

Izzy said...

Very inspirational... especially to one still standing on the edge waiting for the right moment. =)

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Good choice! I think that it is great that you looked at the opportunity as deeply as you did. I try to do that when things come my way.... I'll be looking forward to hearing how it turns out :o)

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