Saturday, February 4, 2012

All for me...

by Izzy Winterhart

It's rare I make something for myself.
I think the last time I made something 
copper for Izzy was probably a year or more ago.
So after digging through my scrap bin and finding some usable 
but not sell worthy portions of copper,
I decided it's about time I give myself a few gifts.

I started with these key chains.
We call our suv "Muddy" and our truck "Guppy".
Cute, eh?
Unfortunately in my alphabet soup of stamps 
I seem to have lost my "U", 
so I had to improvise a bit. 
It works for us.

This past Christmas my Mom-in-law 
refreshed my memory on knitting.
I hadn't picked up needle and yarn 
for over 20 some years.
Please don't bother asking me for a 
pattern for this cute neck cowl.
I started with one, got bored, 
threw the pattern in the trash and started over.
I have no idea what I did to accomplish this 
but it turned out really cute.
The original pattern (that ended up in the trash)
called for a button and button hole.
After listening to my Mom-in-law 
give me instructions for a button hole,
I decided to go another route.
And I did.
I made this adorable turtle shell scarf pin.
I have yet to show it off 
as old man winter has abandoned us
winter lovers here in NC.
Hopefully Phil didn't actually take a few nips 
before his prediction
and we will actually see at least 
six more weeks of some cold stuff.

Lastly, my wonderful husband, 
who cooks quite frequently,
 asked me to make tags for our oil bottles.
We use about three or four different types 
and sometimes,
especially when they are all in similar bottles,
it's difficult to tell them apart.
So I made the first tag today.

What have you made lately that is
all for you?


SummersStudio said...

These are really clever ideas. I think I like your improvised U even better than I might have liked the one from the stamp set. I love shawl pins and really really hate knitting button holes.

mairedodd said...

everything is so wonderful and i love even more that your work is a part of your daily routine... it isn't just something you do at the bench and list on etsy, it permeates your life... as it should... i so very much love that turtleshell pin - brilliant!

stacilouise said...

They are really great. It so nice to use your talents for some very practical items- it makes them special and unique. Great job on the neck cowl and pin. really loving the turtle shell.

Kelli said...

Beautiful pieces!!! Muddy and GUppy.. too cute! GORGEOUS cowl!! I bet it looks wonderful on you. I applaud your determination to get through it and get it done. I've tried to knit, and it's SO not for me!! LOVE the pin!!

Lola said...

So glad you made some things for yourself! I think we forget about ourselves way too often . . .

The scarf and pin are lovely. Looks like knitting for you is like riding a bike . . . you never forget. =D

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Great ideas. I love the key chains and the bottle label. I may have to make some bottle charms for my Mom :)

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Izzy... Those are great!!! I rarely make anything for myself and always wish I had. I just received some jewelry back after having it displayed in Belle Armoire. I decided I'm going to keep it for myself. I love the scarf too, but shhhhhhhhhh on the old man winter thing..... we, in NY, are happy that he or she (it must be a she since she is behaving so gently) is sleeping this year ;o)

Stacie Florer said...

Nothing! I have not made anything for myself, but I am now inspired to do it. Plus, I just watched a video of Lynne Merchant making a spiral and she was wearing the most gorgeous jewelry herself! Great the know, you are the one that inspired me to use more of it in my own work...Thank you!

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