Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reevalutation v1.1

by Barbara Bechtel

In this post, I talked about ways you could codify your ideas and goals in 2012 by making lists or choosing a word. I'll admit, I'm a vehement list maker. What I'm not good at is actually ticking items off said lists....Ahem...

I tend to write and rewrite the same list several times, each time only checking one or two things off the list before some of the things that I thought so very important when I made said list suddenly were replaced by new, more immediate concerns.

Late last year, I decided to adopt a different kind of list...almost schedule-like but more attuned to my creative process.

I'm a procrastinator. Self-avowed and flag waving! Over the years, I've learned (and am still learning) to embrace this character flaw and try to make it work better for me. I've tried to analyze the reasons why I procrastinate and the actual cause:

What's the reason I've waited to do this so long?

What can I do to improve this lack of action?

In 2012, I want to improve my list making abilities. Rather than make lists of specific tasks, I'm choosing to make lists that work better with my working process.

Here's an example of my old list-making habits:

1) Finish 10 sets of work-in-progress beads on work table.
2) Photo and list beads to Etsy shop.
3) Blog.

Here's an example of my new list-making strategy:

1) Spend 2 hours making beads.
2) Spend 1-2 hours working on my Etsy shop.
3) Take photos documenting my process and write down ideas I have for potential blog posts.

This is something I've been experimenting with that works better with how I work. When presented with tasks, with things I think I HAVE to do or NEED to do, I develop a stigma about finishing them. I've decided that a better approach is to allow myself the freedom to complete the things I want to do in the given time frame and chances are, I will still complete the things I need AND have time for other things...for play and creativity. This is just what I've decided works best for me, of course.

I've also decided to try to adopt a word. Along with my new list-making idea, I've struggled with trying to find one word that I want to work towards. I think I've settled for more of a phrase and a sub-word. The more I think about this word the more I like it..


a : not easily pulled apart : cohesive <a tenacious metal> b : tending to adhere or cling especially to another substance <tenacious burs>
a : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired <a tenacious advocate of civil rights> <tenacious negotiators>

...I also think about how I will employ this word....how I will infuse it and I started to think about my tendency towards procrastination and I remembered this song, which I love so much! I think, in the past, when I was most tenacious, I would belt this song in my studio and my car and sing it from the tops of my lungs.

SO: my PHRASE for 2012 will be: "TENACIOUS: 525,600 Minutes. How Do You Measure a Year?"

Do you have a favorite word or song that makes you feel like you are your most tenacious?

Barbara Bechtel is a mixed media artist and designer. She blogs regularly at her website Second Surf.


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I'm sticking with the word "simplify." After the year I had last year, I'll embrace every day that I can enjoy the simple things in life. I'm a procrastinator too..... I have learned to accept that about me and although, I would like it change that, I'm not sure my brain will go along with the plan ;o)

stacilouise said...

I love your new list!!!!! I am so a list person, list re-writer. I really like how you made it much more specific to keep you on target. I think I may have to try that. I get distracted too easy. Love the word. I don't have one yet. I must think on this.

mairedodd said...

tenacious is a powerful word (and fits so well with the year of the dragon)... your new type of list is the kind that works for me as well... i find i need to set out blocks of time, it keeps me on task better... i am glad you shared that - it might help a lot of others...

Izzy said...

I am a complete list lover. Love to list it, love to mark it out and then love to rewrite the list. I like you idea of "micro-managing" lists more. Great, great idea.

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