Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness and Shopping...........

by Staci L. Smith

They go hand in hand, right?  Well, at this time of year they do.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving.  I really have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I have a lot to be thankful for everyday, but I feel especially blessed this year. 

Todays thankful list................

I am not making the turkey
I am sleeping in
my youngest is a turkey (though he mostly acts like a ham)
my family blesses me always
our friends care for us
no snow for thanksgiving
tires that would be good in the snow if we had it
coffee in the morning

So have a really blessed day!  I hope you spend it with at least one person (but hopefully many) you love dearly and who love you too.

Now, if you are like many folks out there, Thanksgiving is the day to prepare for the big event, to stock up on carbs so you can shop.......................Black Friday.

This year, people are being encouraged to shop small businesses this Saturday, for Small Business Saturday.  And then of course, there is Cyber Monday.

Well, I am all for supporting small businesses.  So I scoured etsy for some gift ideas.  NOT JEWELRY gift ideas (which come too easy to me).  I was thinking of those harder to buy for married couples with no kids, or TWEENS.  What do you buy that's handmade for tweens and still cool?  Well, I think I found a few things.  So enjoy!  Click the photo's to be taken to the etsy shop.

If your tween has a sense of humor, and a chapstick addiction (like the one I know) this would be great.

And for a boy or girl tween.............tie dyed sheets.  Can't go wrong there.

All the rage this season, and I must say, I myself would totally wear these.  Love them.

Here is another seller modeling them.  Very cool.  All tweens want these, I just know it!
How cool is that hat?  It's Hollywood style. 

These cuffs are wonderful.  Leather cuffs are very in right now, and what every tween wants is to be in.  I love that these are adjustable and come in different colors.
Here is a leather cuff made from recycled materials, for the environmentally friendly tween.

OK- now here a few things for the wee ones that I couldn't pass up.
Oh- I loved putting pretty little shoes on my baby girl.  I wish I would have had these.
Teething rings, how cool are they?  No harmful plastics, handmade.  Good all around.  Adorable to boot!

Now, something for Dads, husbands, husband loves his.  (Ours is from a local gal who makes them, but I am sure these are good too:)
Handmade shave soap, handmade irritants in the soap, no chemical on a freshly shaven, sometimes cut face.  All natural.

How about the young couple, who likes to entertain?

REcycled beer bottles become one of a kind glasses. 
How about Saki or shot glasses?
 Upcycled Wine bottle topper.....nice to give with a bottle of wine.

How about these great gifts?  I love when I find really creative ways things have been recycled.  I know my sister in law would love the Abbey Road sketch book.  She's a huge Beatles Fan.

Next- kids, 7 years old to tween.  I found these kits, and just adore them.  I think my kids would love to make these.  I contacted the seller and they said they are perfect for ages 7-12.  I have never felted, but boy, it looks like fun.....and like it would keep them busy for awhile.
This one is sweet.
And if you are truly in doubt, there is always chocolate!  Man, woman, child.....even tweens, can't go wrong here.

And for your favorite beading friends, you can't go wrong with these....................
Cause I would love this, and I am sure I am not alone on that. 

Or how about this?
For you jewelry makers out there..................anyone else tired of checking your coffee for wire snips?  How about this super cool lidded mug for the studio???? 

So, I hope I gave you some idea's.  Please try to support handmade.  The gifts are so much more meaningful.  Etsy even has a new feature that can help you shop.  If you go to their homepage, and click on "gift ideas", it will hook into your facebook page and pick gifts for everyone.  Some are pretty funny, like, for one person it gave gift suggestions of tin, because the person liked Rin Tin Tin.  But still, it had some good stuff too.

There are lots of online sales going on, lots of artist open houses this time of year, and just many many ways to support handmade.  So lets support each other!

Have fun, and be safe.


Artisan Beads Plus said...

What a great post, Staci! I love to buy handmade and I'm pretty sure I've convinced my grown children the difference when you buy handmade too. I recognized those truffles.... I have some in the fridge :o) Very yummy! I make everything (other than the Disney on Ice purchase I make every year for my adult children's children... and me, of course). I've purchased unfinished large toy boxes and will be painting the theme of my favorite childhood book on one "Harold and the Purple Crayon" and my sister's favorite on the other "Miss Suzy." I made my oldest granddaughter Lacet one when she was a baby... not really thinking that I would be making more in the future. I've got my paints ready and hope to start on Saturday. That's for the youngest two, since Lacey has her "Are you My Mother Toy Box," I decided I'm going to get her something that will start her on her own creative adventure with paints, etc. She is an incredible little 4 year old artist. :o) I'll be checking out those shops for those that I can't make my own for. Thanks for doing the shopping for me :o) It's like the Etsy Strip Mall ;o)

stacilouise said...

It was fun. Everyone keeps talking about shopping, so I thought I'd do a guide. I have a tween to buy for this year and was just scracthing my head. Love those feather clips. She's totally getting one! Happy Thanksgiving!

mairedodd said...

this is awesome staci -
now i have 2 links to share re: it... american express is supporting small business saturday with a special offer
and the zen habits blog has thrown down the gauntlet as well -
wonderful selections! happy thanksgiving...

stacilouise said...

I will check them out! Thanks. I have some good friends who have been promoting small business on facebook for some time now...we can all help spread the word. The best way to give the power to the people (ILO corporations) is to support the people lets support each other.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Thanks for the guide, Staci! Such creative and awesome picks! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Melinda Orr said...

I hate everything.....Well ok ...I lie..I really loved everything...the cab...the hat...the shoes....the cuffs, the feathers and the farts....oh...yea and the tie die sheets..and the beer bottles, pottery...ok....really I LOVED everything! Rockin' picks ~

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