Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for Makaroni

by Kelli Pope

Thankful for WHAT, you ask?

The true meaning of grace, is an undeserved or unearned blessing. My life is FULL of grace. One blessing I've been graced with is a granddaughter.

My husband Steve and I have no children. So, after 2-3 years of marriage I was QUITE surprised when he announced that his "daughter" Michelle was coming over to visit. He explained that he had dated her mother when she was just an infant, and they became quite close. She called him "Daddy Steve". Although the relationship had not lasted, he continued to stay close to Michelle as she grew up, but hadn't seen her for a few years. She was in town and wanted to see him. She was 12. She came to visit quite often after that, and over the last 18 years we became closer and closer. She stayed with us the night before her wedding, and Steve had the privilege of walking her down the aisle. 2 years and 6 days ago, she and her husband Phillip graced us with Makenna, our granddaughter. While Michelle is studying at the seminary nearby, we are the closest grandparents by about an hour, and have loved each and every moment. They have given us a gift that is incredibly precious, and I will forever be grateful. So you see, I truly am thankful for my little "Makaroni".. AND her momma!!

hammered antiqued brass and sterling silver featuring ceramic beads by Jubilee (notice the macaroni shaped beads :o)

Have you submitted your "Gratitude" piece for the November ArtSpark?


Artisan Beads Plus said...

That story gave me a chill.... how incredibly sweet. I always assumed that Michelle was Steve's through a previous marriage or relationship. Not that that story would not have been as special, but the fact that she loved him so much to want to see him and you accepted that and grew to love her is even more special in my mind. Not all people would be like that and maintain the bond that you have. And, of course,the piece that you made is gorgeous, as always. I think you should save that one for the little Makaroni.....

Alice said...

What a sweet story. Some women would not have been so accepting in the same situation. You are dear to treat both the daughter and granddaughter so lovingly.

Your necklace is just gorgeous!!!!

stacilouise said...

Great story, true family is not always blood related!

Barbara said...

Oh WOW! What a beautiful story!!!!

Michelle Holbrook said...

Wow Kelli. I can't tell you what that means to me. We are truly blessed and thankful to have you and Dad in our lives. You really didn't have to accept me but you not only accepted me but welcomed and loved me (good and bad) as well as my family. I love you too!
PS: that would be a beautiful necklace for Makenna some day.

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