Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sign On, Sign In, Sign Up....

Please click HERE for the latest update.....

For our 1st 


Two weeks from today.....

One Day Only Cyber Sale!!!


And..... we will be offering a BIG giveaway if we have enough people willing to donate.  Participants and others may enter to win.

If you are going to include your SHOP (Etsy, Artfire, Other) in the sale and would like to donate a piece for the giveaway, please email us at

Due to limited space on the blog, I will only be able to add small thumbnail links to your shops on the sidebar for those who donate.  Those text links will remain up for one month beginning October 2nd.

Please include in your email:

Your name
Your shop name
A picture and brief description of the item you will be donating.

To learn more about what and who can be involved in this sale, please click:


One more thing....  Sorry for the BIG red print!!!  ;o)


If you have already added your link, the only thing left to do is to make sure that it reads the way you want it to.  This is a SHOP sale, so please make sure that you have linked your shop and that you follow the steps in the original post.   

You can find that by clicking HERE.

Spread the Love......

For those of you with blogs, please grab the SALE button script on the right to promote this sale on your own blogs.

As always

~thank-you for creating handmade with handmade~


It has been pointed out to me that when you click to add your link, it says to add the URL of your blog post.  Please add your SHOP URL since this isn't a blog event.  This should take you to your shop pictures.  Pick one that you want to have represent your work.  

I am asking, however, that those who have blogs to help us promote the sale on their own blogs.

Please feel free to point out anything else that you might have questions about.

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Regina said...

I will be around to shop!

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