Monday, September 5, 2011

September Art Spark

by Staci louise Smith

I was so happy to be able to do September’s art spark. There are many reasons I love September, it’s such a special month to me, near and dear to my heart.

First of all, fall is my favorite season. September’s cool nights and warm days always marked the start of my favorite time of year!

Secondly of all, I got married to my wonderful hubby 12 years ago on September 4th. It has been an amazing ride, and I love him more today than the day I married him.

Third and last of all- it’s the month that most of my kids were born in! No kidding! Only my daughter has another birthday- August, and that is because she was a few days early, or she would have been September too.

So as I was trying to come up with an Art Spark for September, it just seemed fitting to me, that it would be “SENTIMENT”. This month is so filled with special events, memories and occasions, that sentiment plays a huge part in it.
Sentiment is:

Personal experience, one’s own feeling, what one feels about something, tendency to be influenced by emotion rather than reason, sensitiveness to emotional feelings

(these are taken from a few different definition places which I forgot to note when I jotted them down…..sorry!!)

So an Art Spark is born! I want you to show us what you have made, with an item of sentiment, or with intentional sentiment……for example………..a stone from the first place you kissed the love of your life, used in a necklace, or a bracelet made for your best friend, in her favorite colors, and themes, to let her know she is like a sister to you. (I am doing the latter for this challenge, to be revealed later)

Here is the important thing……………….we want to hear the story behind it! Don’t be shy…………tell us why this has sentiment for you. Share with us why this design is so much more then meets the eye. Let us take part in your joy, your sadness, your friendship and love AND your creative process. Since this is such a broad and open Art Spark, this really is the most important part, so please share it with us!

To get us started, I went through my jewelry and found some pieces that have sentiment for me.

This here is one of the earliest pieces of jewelry I made.  Its a simple bead weaving technique that was explained to me by a friend.  The stone, a hematite, was given to me by my first love!  He said it was a stone of protection, to be given to someone you love...*swoon*  Anyway- to keep it special always, I made it into a necklace.  I guess some of my earliest work was pure sentiment!!!

This was a charm bracelet my mom bought for me as a young teen.  At the time, she bought me some charms for it, but they were just pretty, and didn't really mean anything....and, I never seemed to wear it.  So as a young adult, I re-made it.  The shell is is from my first trip to LBI with my (husband) boyfriend!  The earring I wore when he proposed.  The other earring was from my sister in law, whom I love like my own sis!  Turquoise, because I love it, it has history, and lore and is beautiful to boot!  The faux diamond pendant was the first piece of jewelry my father gave to my mother, then passed on to me.  A heart charm, for love, winnie the pooh, for the child in me, another heart for love, and the last charm is a purple czech bead with a moon and stars~ my best friends favorite color and theme!  It represented many important people in my life!

And this necklace was made from a sea shell that my oldest son gave to me, on our second family vacation to LBI!  It has a natural hole in it, and I wanted to do something special with it, because my special boy thought to give it to me.

So there are some examples.  Like I said, I plan to make a special piece for this challenge in honor of my best friend in the whole world.

And here is how you enter:

1. Take pictures of your creation (handmade with handmade jewelry or a handmade bead/pendant/component created by you)  and upload it to our Flickr account.  Please add creations that were made for this challenge only.

2. PLEASE tell us why this piece represents "sentiment" to you.

3. Since we promote "handmade", your piece must be at least 75% handmade. It may include handmade components by other artists, just please give credit to the artist in your description.

4. Only one submission per entrant, please. But you can and should include up to 3 images of that submission.  We do have another flickr site to share creations not related to ArtSpark called "Strut Your Stuff."  You can get to it by clicking the link on the left sidebar.

5. HAVE FUN with this!!!  Check in often to see the entries. The link to our Flickr site can be found on the blog sidebar.

Each Monday we pick a designer of the week from the entries.

Below is the grand prize~ (winner is selected Monday, September 26th)

The Prizes Below were all donated by members of the Beads of Clay Group!  (If you've never heard of them, I suggest you check it out.  There is a wonderful variety of ceramic bead artists, all making handmade beads!)

We have some great beads from NKP Designs, a stunning pendant from Marlas Mud, a recycled glass pendant from Artisan Clay, enameled charms and clay beads from MA Carroll, and a pendant and matching earring bead set from Yolandas Clay.

This would be a great addition to any bead collection.  So let us see your "sentiment", and get a chance to win!

In addition to all of the ceramic beads and pendants, you will also win this fabulous cabochon created by the folks at Cabbing Rough on Etsy.  Check out their shop....  You WILL be amazed!!

I'm not done yet.....

You will also win one year showing off your creation on our website.  Check out previous winners by going to "challenges" on our website.

I can't wait to see what you make!!!!


Fanypap said...

Happy Birthday to your children, and Happy anniversary to you! Kisses from Greece.

Shay Stone said...

What beautiful pieces you've created from your history. Great idea:)

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Staci, I used the old cookie cutter heart in the badge for ArtSpark because it holds lots of sentimental value to me. We made Christmas cookies every year with my Mom who passed away just a couple of weeks before Christmas. That was 26 years ago. My sister had the cookie cutters until she noticed that I wanted some that I saw in an antique shop one time when she was visiting. One day they arrived in the mail with a note telling me that it was now my turn to have them. I've got a great sister.... I love her so much! I think I'm going to try to come up with something about the cookie cutter... Hey, maybe that will also make a great Christmas present this year for my sister!

PS I continued that tradition with my own kids and they still want to make them every year as adults :o) Lots of sentiment!!!


stacilouise said...

Awesome MaryAnn! I love to hear stories like that! Thanks for finishing it up for me.

Izzy said...

Staci, what a great idea and so sweet to create jewelry from those little memories. You have truly issued a challenge. I'll have to think hard on this one. Mary Ann, that made me cry...

mairedodd said...

lovely - and since feelings are what i work from the most, this should be an interesting one to participate in...

stacilouise said...

Mary Jane- I thought of you after I decided on this! you really do bring sentiment to your work, all the time:) It great!

beautifullybrokenme said...

Staci - I absolutely love the theme of this month's Art Spark, and have finally finished my piece, which you can read about here:

Thank you so very much for hosting this great challenge!

:) Molly

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