Friday, June 17, 2011

Display dilemma

by Kelli Pope

Now that I have a lull in my show schedule, I'm back to wanting to tweak my display. I've spent years hunting, finding, scavenging, and gathering my actual jewelry displays: baskets, logs, wooden stands, rock placemats, wood bowls, trivets, etc. I just LOVE the earthy, rugged, and the natural.

Wooden jewelry tray on a rock mat. I covered the tray insert with muslin to give it a more natural look.

Here is my FAVORITE log I caught my sister trying to throw in her fireplace one night. (AHHH!!! The HORROR!!) I rescued it and Steve sanded it for me.

This too was saved from my sister's fireplace. I use it mostly for taking pictures. Once sanded down, it will make a great show display, too.

This WONDERFUL copper and driftwood bracelet stand was purchased from MissFickleMedia.

This is one of the many barnwood picture frames I've lined with burlap. Nails in the top and sides are great for hanging necklaces.

This GREAT little wire and rock flower stand, I picked up at Myrtle's on Main, in Danville, KY this past weekend. I just LOVE it, and it's going to fit right in.

While I still love all of my jewelry displays, I've grown quite tired of it all just sitting on tables. (heavy tables) I've asked the hubby to put on his creative craftsman cap, and come up with some sort of shelving unit that will be easy to pack and assemble. Something repurposed would be a plus. It must be durable, yet light. It must be inexpensive. AND, it must be unique and wonderful! (no pressure, honey!!!) I want it to replace one whole side and be taller to fill in some of the white space of the tent, yet narrower than the table. I'm working on a couple of ideas of my own, but my creative juices run to jewelry, not carpentry..... Any ideas, oh wonderful, creative artists out there???


stacilouise said...

I LOVE my tables. I got them at K-mart. They are lighter then my old clunky folding tables and narrower too. They are also adjustable height, so they can be set taller so your customers don't have to hunch over to see stuff. LOVE them.

Here's the link.

Good luck with they display! I always feel the need to tweak mine!

MaCarroll Beads said...

Well.... first of all LOVE the displays and the natural wood!!! This might be over the top, but just some ideas that you can use to have Steve come up with something that can be easy to put together, cover up white space in the tent and create room for your display. I'm going to attach links. These boards actually at like link 'n logs so they come apart easily and go up easily. It's actually gorgeous in person. He loads the boards (that he cut from cherry trees on our property.... a little over the top LOL!) which are numbered so that he knows which goes with what and gets to the show and links them together. Certainly, this is for larger items, but maybe a design that is similar, but more for jewelry. Here's the link..... these completely come apart.... no nails needed! If you click on the pictures, you can get a closer look. Good luck!!! If he is at a place with power, he also has lights that he clips on that shine down on it. MaryAnn

Anonymous said...

I have a very, very large frame that I use for my Etsy shop items. I have small metal rods that I purchased that the hardware store mounted horizontally from the left to right side of the frame. I have a couple of short rows to hang by earrings and a larger row for necklaces. You could consider building larger barn wood frames (still backing them with burlap) and then hanging them from the rafters of your tent (although I'm not sure how strong that area of the tent is). If you did that, you could then have smaller tables in the back corners with the log displays. You could get creative with the frames and use woods other than barn wood, different sizes etc. Just an idea... Personally I think your displays are perfect, but I definitely understand the need for change. said...

I am right there with you, Kelli!
I have what I want in my mind, now I just have to set aside the money, the time and the creative energy to put it together.
I just knew those driftwood stands would appeal to your earthy self!
Love seeing your booth that I will one day walk into and shop!

mairedodd said...

patty has had some great posts on setting up booths - perhaps you can find them... she has a great, varied, inviting set up... and has shared the info on where she bought each part... good luck... i know that is something i need to focus upon as well... mine is boring! :0)

Patty said...

Kelli, your booth looks great, but I hear you about tiring of the heavy stuff. I've shed lots of things over the years that I just plain got tired of lugging around. If you just want to fill the white space above the tables, you could add a shallow shelf in the back of the table (even a board on some bricks under a tablecloth), and put some things at that height. I also like to put some really large prints of my work on the wall, to draw people into my booth, and that helps make the white walls fade a little.

There are several flickr groups for art show booth displays and jewelry in particular - you could probably get some great inspiration from there.

Good luck!

Kelli said...

THANKS everyone!!! I can't wait to check out these ideas!!! Patty, I keep meaning to get some of my pics blown up to hang in the booth. My biggest problem is I do a lot of indoor shows and won't have anything from which to hang the pics. That's one of the reasons I was looking for a taller, shelving type display..
StaciLouise, I've considered the narrower tables, but just hate to replace tables with tables. I have pvc "risers" I put on my table legs to raise them up. I completely agree with the issues of low tables... most notably the child leaning height. (I almost had one flip once.... not pretty.)

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