Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Spark for June...

by MaryAnn Carroll

Put on your thinking cap and join us for
Art Spark...
In this new challenge that we are hoping is going to get you thinking about your thinking.... 

Pretty deep, huh?


This challenge extends to those of you who do more creating of art beads/components (like me) as well as jewelry designers who create handmade using handmade.
We hope that you share your creative experience with us.  If this is your first time participating in our challenge, please be sure to read through this entire post.  Or, if you are like me.... and you are NOT new to this, you might need to read through the entire post too....  since... you know...

what was I saying?

I forgot....

Oh yeah...  about reading through the post.  You might need a refresher.

We have some absolutely FABULOUSLY unique prizes too!

Before getting to that...  (no sneaking before you finish reading.....)

Let me see if you can figure out what our June ArtSpark is going to be about.... 

Here is your clue:

When I was young, I grew up in a neighborhood where we were fortunate to have six weeks of arts, crafts, games and more every summer.  I made many a boondoggle (lanyard) keychain, a never ending supply of potholders for my mother, paintings and more.  I have very fond memories.  Another fun activity during those years was tetherball.  There were 3 poles set up, 2 little and 1 big!  As I got a little older and more skilled, I graduated to play on the BIG tetherball pole court. Well..... not only was I able to play, but I kicked butt played well and bragged was proud to admit it.
 When I spent some time capturing that tetherball memory in a piece of handmade jewelry, here is what I came up with.

Now it is YOUR turn.

Think about a time when you were a teenager or younger that you felt very proud of something that you did well.

hopscotch champ, best speller, top reader, had solo for a chorus concert,
best chalkboard eraser clapper...


You get it...  I know that you do, because you are smart as well as talented....

Can you do it?

I think so and here is a peek at what you might win..... But remember..... read the directions at the end of this post veeeerrrryyyyy carefully.... and have fun!

This adorable small wood-fired lidded container was made by Bill Perrine (my husband).  This adorable piece (with a slight defect under the lid) can be used to store your rings, favorite beads or anything else that you might like to keep in it.  For more unique wood-fired pieces, visit his shop:

 Barbara Bechtel donated these beautiful polymer clay components.  Check out Barbara's Etsy shop for some more fabulous beads, pendants, earrings and more:

Our very own Mary Jane Dodd donate the book on beginning soldering.  If you have been interested in learning more about soldering but might feel a little intimidated by the process this is the book for you.  You can see what Maire has done with her soldering skills by visiting her shop: is the best part....  The RULES!!!

A game without rules is like intersections without any traffic lights....

One last mention before I go on.  If you are interested in more detail about our ArtSpark Challenge, click ArtSpark on the navigation bar above. 

in addition to the FAB prizes above, you will also win one month on the sidebar of our blog showing off your piece as well as ONE YEAR on our website along with links to your shop and/or blog.

Once you have your creation ready, here is what you do:

1. Take pictures of your creation and upload it to our flickr account.

2. Leave a description of your thought process while creating your jewelry or beads/components. We really want everyone to share their creative thinking related to the theme so please make sure that you description is thorough.  It does not necessarily have to be in paragraph form.  Be creative.

3. Since we are a group promoting 'creating handmade with handmade', your jewelry consist of at least 75% handmade. This doesn't mean that you have to create everything that goes into your piece. You could use beads/components created by other artists. Please give credit to that artist in your description.

4. If your submission will be loose beads/components created by you, it may include any medium that you prefer to make those in. These submissions would also require a description of your creative thought process. 
5. Please only one submission piece per artist. Up to three views of the work are allowed and encouraged.

6. Have fun an come back often to check out the entries!

7. Links to our flickr site can be found on the blog sidebar.


McPeanuts said...

I LIKE IT!!! Very creative Mary Ann!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your tetherball necklace!!! TOOOO cute!!!

McPeanuts said...

OH!!! AND I know I can't win, but I REALLY want Bill's box!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Izzy said...

That's one heckuva challenge. I have a hard time remembering my name on a daily basis much less anything from my childhood. But I will give it my best shot. And I'm a little sad I can't win because I love, love, love your husband's pottery creations!!

D'Arsie Manzella said...

I am so excited about this challenge! What a cool idea. I LOVE your interpretation of tetherball. Who knew that fun sport could look so beautiful~

Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Love the necklace and your crackly beads Mary Ann. Very cool ~ :)

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