Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holidays Traditions ...

by Barbara Lewis

Some of us have what you might consider traditional "traditions" ... others are more unconventional. However, wherever you fall in the spectrum, a tradition is something to be cherished.  Traditions are what binds families together.  In times of uncertainty, traditions provide comfort.  They take on a meaning that transcends another's understanding of the event.

Besides giving thanks to Christ at mass either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning, we have three Christmas traditions ...  The first is our love of the California Raisins Christmas music.  We have been groovin' to the California Raisins since, I'm guessing here, but I'd have to say 1992.  In 2002, we realized we couldn't find our cassette tape.  It was a sad day, until an Ebay seller came to the rescue. In two days, we were again happily singing to our favorite Christmas music.  We're still enjoying this music with our kids, who are now 25 and 26 ... and they have shared this tradition with their friends, who look at us like, "Huh?"

Our second Christmas tradition is our love of the movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight, with Geena Davis.  I know some people love, "It's a Wonderful Life," but our differences are what makes the world go 'round.

The final Lewis Family Tradition is a Christmas morning breakfast of Lox, Cream Cheese, and Bagels ... with sliced tomato and lots of pepper.  Yum!

Whatever your tradition, my wish is that you enjoy them fully in the love and grace of the meaning of Christmas!  Ho, Ho, Ho!


TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. That is some quirky wild stuff! I love it!
I once dressed as the California raisins complete with high tops and oversized sunglasses and boogied our way into a costume party. And that movie looks really good. How come I have never heard of it? Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the holidays!

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday traditions--which I have to say are rather unique--but fun!!!

When the kids were young I would pull out our extensive collection of books that had anything to do with winter or Christmas. On December 1st I would read one or two books to them at bedtime and continue until the books were all read. On Christmas Eve my husband would read both The Night Before Christmas, and the story of the nativity from the bible.

We also bring out our Advent candle wreath on the first day of Advent, and light the candles as we share our evening meal. Christmas Eve is spent at my parent's home, after which we all head to the lovely candlelight service at church.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Barbara Lewis said...

Erin, How funny! You don't happen to have a video clip do you? LOL

Alice, You sound like a normal person! :-) who celebrates normal, but fun, traditions!

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