Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dia De Los Muertos inspiration..and latest fall porcelain creations

Carol Dekle-Foss
The colorful shades of autumn and the crisp air have finally arrived here in Northern California. This is my absolute favorite time of year for so many reasons. My creative juices are alight with fire and I find myself losing time playing in the studio.

This creative stirring has been very productive!

For one, I have accepted Karen's Dia De Los Muertos, a celebration of life challenge. Are you participating? We would love for you to join us! For me, this holiday was somewhat of a mystery. I knew the basics, but to help me with what I wanted to make for the challenge, I set out to learn more about this special occasion.

Some very cool facts I found interesting:

The Ofrendas or altars, are built inside and are decorated with many obejects, including the loved one's favorite items, photos, Cempasuchil or Marigold flowers, pan de muertos and sugar skulls. The children's altars are decorated in a special way to include miniature toys, tiny food etc. The Marigolds are also used in many other ways including decorating the graves

They widely display beautiful Papel Picado, or cut paper banners. I love the fact that there are still artisans in Mexico that hand cut these banners. Here's a short video in English on the history the Papel Picado if you're interested.

I think what amazes me most about this beautiful tradition, is they portray the dead as humorous, happy, and fun, and not macabre in any way.  Also that the children are included in the celebration honoring their deceased loved ones. I have a new appreciation for this holiday, and plan to attend a local celebration to learn more. Here is a list of events in the United States as well as a few abroad if you are interested in attending one. How amazing would it be to go to one of these celebrations in Mexico!

  I was so inspired by Sherri's shrinky dinks and hand-drawn shoes that I thought I would try and draw my own sugar skull. I used common motifs and then embellished with a bit of my style. 
These pendants will be included in a shop update tomorrow. 

I think they are adorable! I've saved a few for the challenge, and will probably end up keeping the finished pieces to wear during Dia De Los Muertos.

Here are some new designs coming out of the kiln as well.
 I love the intricate stained glass look of these leaves.

And more leaves.

Another skull design.

Ronnies beads. He nailed the fall colors!

All beads and pendants shown will be included in the shop update that will be happening tomorrow.

We hope you join us for the Dia De Los Muertos challenge! You can find out more details here.


Karen McGovern said...

Love the skulls! Beautiful work...this holiday is so rich in tradition and culture, yet so many misinterpret it as a Halloween-type celebration. Thanks for all the links and information. Can't wait to see what everyone makes for the challenge!!

Carol Dekle said...

My eyes have been opened to this beautiful holiday! I am really impressed with how they celebrate and honor their loved ones that have passed. What a wonderful way to remember the deceased by throwing a fabulous party every year and inviting them! I'm now a huge fan! Thanks Karen:)

stacilouise said...

gorgeous! And I too have learned to love this holiday. I think its beautiful to find joy and beauty in something we normally feel sad about. Its a time to celebrate loved ones as if they are still here.

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