Friday, June 5, 2015

Balance Between Weird and Wearable

by Staci Louise Smith

I have a constant struggle I face when my imagination takes over, and it is between weird and wearable.  I don't mind calling my jewelry weird, at times it really is!  And that is fine, because it is what I am going for.  

However, I am a huge stickler for making sure things are comfortable and wearable.  I understand that what may be comfortable for one person may not be for another, and so I try to make a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to suit many different styles.

However, there are more days then not when my heart screams "Bigger!  Weirder!"
and then my head must say no.

One of the times I ran with it was for this piece, my Frida piece that was made for the Art Bead Scene monthly contest (create a piece of jewelry using art beads that is inspired by the painting they designate)........
(Here is the latest challenge for June challenge

I am happy to say it is wearable- but not so comfortable (by my standards....I mean, nothing pokes you or anything, but you cannot wear it without knowing its there!).

I loved the design though, so I later created this necklace, a spin off the thorns.  It ended up being much more comfortable and wearable.  

It felt good to be able to indulge both sides of creative spirit.  I am hoping to allow myself some more of these BIG and Weird pieces, and then challenge myself to make spin offs that are more wearable.

Another example is my Bead Dreams entry, Earning my Stripes

It was made for the competition, so it needed to have that POW!  So I went huge with it.  Here is a picture of it on the bust (with my ribbon- my pieces took second and third in polymer clay- total brag moment)

The displays are 18" high!  So you can get an idea of how big the pieces are.

So, I created a couple of these necklaces, much more wearable, similar idea- bold and big, but comfy too

My Carved piece, Ta Moko is gigantic, 
it comes to my belly button!!! 

 So made a few short necklaces that still had that carved look and some real chunk to the beads

So that is it, my constant struggle between over the top and wearable.  I am enjoying these contests and such, that allow me to make more of an "art" piece, and then spinning off onto wearable pieces from that.

Do you have a heart vs brain topic that cramps your design style?  

Have you learned to allow them to work together? 


Saraccino said...

I have to say... that even thought I love all your pieces, if I would have to chose: I would take your big ones! If I wear great jewelery, it is okay for me to know it is there. I don't wear anything except earrings during normal days because I work in the lab - way too much trouble to get rid of all the stuff between office and biosafety lab. So if I wear necklaces, bracelets, whatever... I love to have a weird statement :)

But I know... that is not for everyone.

Saraccino said...

Aaah... I forgot: Congratulations! :)

stacilouise said...

Thanks! I know what I wear as comfortable pushes the limits for many. I do wear pretty large pieces. these bead dreams ones are over the top though! but I love them. They would need to be worn to a NYC fashion show or museum

Unknown said...

Love your pieces and congratulations! I get the "weird" thing going on with my fiber pieces too. It isn't for everyone. But it is wearable art! They are "statement" pieces! My customer base for those pieces is at the gallery not a gift shop. I have to think about neutral colors too. If my goal is to sell more especially. I love color!

Unknown said...

I love your beautiful artistic statement pieces! with costume jewelry and all things 90 percent off, it is my choice to always wear something awesome and unique instead. I would definitely wear your pieces on a cream or light grey t shirt so that that would be the first thing people would see and the last thing they think about it the end of the day. I'd probably wear them a little longer somewhere between my collarbone and boobs thank you for continuing to inspire me everyday.

Deb Fortin said...

I too love your pieces even though they may be over the top for some. I would wear any of them in a heart beat.
As for knowing something is there when begin worn, isn't that the point with statement pieces ? ( think KILLER HIGH HEELS , lol )

I am starting to recognise your work wherever I see it online. They have such presence and such uniqueness to their design and construction. In fact i was cruising Pinterest and saw a PIN and immediately thought that it must be your work, and sure enough there was the credit noted at the bottom of the pinned photo.

I like your idea of doing several versions of the same concept. Not copying each but creating a series of cohesive works.

congrats on your 2 wins in the bead dreams competition. well deserved in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I voted for both of your pieces :) I love your jewelry and I follow you on Bloglovin
Thanks for the inspiration I get from your jewelry and blog!

sandi m said...

OMG! I saw your pieces a few hours ago and I was blown away. From pix you previously posted I did not expect them to be THAT big! Just loved them and I would wear both of them as I tend to think 'large', too. And the colors were just perfect. Congratulations! No question that you deserved these awards. Can't wait to see what you roll out and cook up for next year!!

Mary Redman said...

Just got back from the Bead & Button. Your pieces are beautiful! Congratulations!

Gaia Copia said...

Great post... I love seeing how you worked your large statement pieces into new forms that are considered everyday wear. And it works because each piece actually feels like it was born that way. I often make a piece and then move off into a new direction so fast that I don't give each idea time to brew and stretch into new sizes and shapes. So this is a really inspiring way to start my week, see where I can take ideas. Great reminder to sometimes go with the 'bold'... wonderful results in your winning pieces. Congrats!!

Verna Ford said...

This is very true. After all, jewelry are things one wears to make them feel comfortable with themselves. Being too heavy and unwieldy defeats that purpose entirely. However, it can't just be simple baubles in strings or hooks. There has to be a balance of aesthetic and comfort. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. Good day!

Verna Ford @ Jacobs

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