Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting Back Into It....

by Staci Louise Smith

Thank you Barb for a great post yesterday.  I have definitely been having a tough time getting back into the creative groove.  I just don't know where to start sometimes after a long break.

Since I will be staying on at the Bethlehem House Gallery for a second show (yay!!!) I decided to start out by making some new things to add.  

I allowed myself some playtime, since there was no real items I had to make.  

I ended up up making earrings to go with my more sculptural chokers that I show you the other week, in my new years post that touches on my extensive procrastination.............

I had fun with them and really liked how they turned out!  Sort of scribble looking, or twig like, either way, I sort of like the randomness of them.  They look great on.....I wish I could get better pics of them being worn.  Too hard to do on my own ears!  I tried anyhow!

I also wanted to make some heart necklaces in polymer, that are similar to these sugar skull ones (that I will be teaching in August at Beadfest).  

That allowed me to play with some polymer clay- since I had to make the hearts.  While I had it out, I made these REALLY fun to wear and bold polymer earrings.  They feel so great on, with the chain allowing them to move and dangle.  Both sides are textured so you don't lose any interest as they move.  Being polymer, they are light and allow a big earring without all the weight.



I also thought I would try out Claire Maunsell's hollow beads.  She has a great tutorial on it, and I thought they also would be good for earrings....being lighter.  I really enjoyed making them, and think I am going to make some large ones, using my own shape templates.  we will see how that goes.

It felt good to play.  I need to finish up some jewelry today for the gallery- and then I plan to jump into bead making again for a bit.  I miss it, and I need new stuff in the shop.  The sketch book is full of ideas, and I have two fun polymer tutorials I want to try out.  The first one I got is a faux turquoise one from Lynda Moseley, and the other is the faux glass tutorial from Ginger Davis Allman.

I really cannot wait to try out some of these new techniques with my polymer beads this year.  I am chomping at the bit!

So that is it, I need to get to it and finish some jewelry to drop off tomorrow.  Nothing like coming down to the wire to spark creativity.  I hope that you are all finding your creative spirit for 2015!


Anonymous said...

loving those wire weave earrings, great design

Carol Dekle said...

All these earrings Staci are beautiful! I especially love the organic movement of the metal wrap earrings. Very cool!

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