Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mixing it Up

by Staci Louise Smith

I don't know if I qualify as a mixed media artist or not, but I do like to mix it up.  I use quite a variety of materials in my jewelry.  

I really love fabrics, though I don't sew all that much.  I also enjoy when I can re-purpose something.

A few years ago I made these really fun recycled leather cuffs.  

This was one of my very first ones.  Soon after this I started to add fabric behind them, and use my own etched copper pieces as well.


They sold really well for me.  They were comfortable, fun, and adjustable.  After one whole season of making them, I was burnt out.  I have a sort of love / hate relationship with my sewing machine.  

They also take a lot of little steps to make.  

This year though, I have been struggling with bracelet designs, and so, I pulled out my bin of leather and dug into my fabric and silk scraps, and once again, I am making a batch of recycled leather cuffs.  Mixing it up!

I have only gotten this far.............................

They are sewed for the first time.  Now I need to rivet them and sew the two sides together.  Then, they get made into a finished bracelet by adding grommets, chain and clasps. 
(I am so happy when I get to use fabrics) 

The best part is...................
I am finally excited again about bracelets for my next show!  

Do you ever get burnt out on a design?

Have you ever revisited an old design down the road?

I know I find it fun to do that once in awhile, and I also find, they always change the next time around.


Carol Dekle said...

Oh wow Staci! Those are gorgeous! I don't have the patience to sew, so I always admire people who do. The stitches really give a nice texture. I love how you combined all the different elements too. Very nice!

Unknown said...

These are going to be fab! And as a matter of fact I'm going thru a sluppy time now!Just bought some new beads n stuff hoping that helps. What do you do?

Baking Beads in the Keys said...

Rocking it Staci! Love the repurposing/upcycling mixed with the super creative.

Peggy Carlan, RN said...

Beautiful bracelets! You said that they sold well, where did you have the most success in selling them?

stacilouise said...

Peggy- these sold at my shows. I sell most of my jewelry in person, rather then online. It has just never taken off for me online. I think my stuff is different, and people need to see and feel it on. I sell at Juried Art shows local to me in PA

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