Friday, September 26, 2014

Time Squeeze

Ughhh.   I am always waiting for the days to get longer and for the day that I will have more time. I kid myself thinking that day will be right around the corner waiting.

I am a full time special education teacher so I have my summers off. I always think that will be the time together caught up on jewelry, bead making, etc.  I also think it is the time to catch up with the million other things I cannot do during the school year. This past summer I was determined to get the house painted and change some things that needed changing.  We built this house 8 years ago and moved in before it was done. Needless to say, some things never got done..... Until this summer ! We, with the help of my son and step daughter painted the entire upstairs interior (next year is the downstairs projects) and redesigned our god awful bedroom.

Now, a couple of last minute things before the snow flies. I cannot believe I am even saying the word snow already! Summer just ended!

I have to take advantage of nice weather while it is here. It has been in the 70's and will be through the weekend. I just didn't have time to wow you with what I am up to in the bead world so I decided to wow you with the mess that is in my garage where my car needs to be when winter hits!

Putting off finishing and refinishing furniture has also been on the summer list. I am determined to get it done..... The dressers are for my son and daughter-in-law and the bookshelves are going to be for the gallery we will be working on next summer when I have lots of time! Of course, last minutes I decided to experiment with chalk paint. It's not looking like I thought.  I have to go back to research a little more since this impulse change of paint ideas happened while I was walking into Lowes!

And, of course, I am in a rush, the computer wouldn't boot so this didn't get done in time. Time to slow down, take a breath and hope for more time tommorrow!


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