Saturday, April 12, 2014

star stuff

mjd 2014 - fragile strength talisman/wonder

in the 1970s, dr. carl sagan told us we are made of star stuff. 
now, building upon the legacy of 'cosmos', dr. neil degrasse tyson explains how we are stardust and connected to all molecules and all atoms in the universe.
this includes the ones of which you are made.

the universe exists in the opening flower.
the universe exists in the clam that gives us pearls.
the universe exists in you.

the wonder of it all should take your breath away,
give your life a feeling of humbling magnitude - 
you are gifted with being alive 
right here, right now.

and none of us knows for how long - 
we are all created equally in that respect.

be mindful of wishing for the day to be over,
thinking the weekend will bring you more joy.
joy is an attitude.

be aware of the love that is ever present
that is available to all of us.
the birds sing for us,
the sun shines and the rain falls -
breathe it in,
be grateful,
then give something back -
your choice of how.
but the possibilities are endless.


i wanted to thank staci and all the ladies for sharing their trials and learning experiences with their media of choice. truly it is of invaluable help to us by saving time, materials and frustration. it is with great pride that i am a part of a group of such talented, brave and sharing women.

i have a tip for finished findings that has served me well and i think is extremely important for wire and metal - no rough edges, no pointy ends. make sure all wire ends are tucked in tightly. if you have a tumbler, great - use it to do the work for you. if you don't, in addition to metal files, i have found rougher emery boards and foam blocks from the beauty supply to be very helpful. and sometimes even more effective as they are flexible. things can be beautiful in photographs and on your work table, but if it must be wearable. 


Artisan Beads Plus said...

As always, your message is one that we all need to remember. I hope you keep a journal of all the messages that you offer. One day, it will be you that people are quoting :)
Love you, Maire.......

Shai Williams said...

I am sad that I didn't seen all of Cosmos. We went to watch it a few nights after it aired and only the first episode was available. From what I saw in that one though I am going to have to purchase the dvds when they come out.

Shel said...

Awesome, awesome post!! Just beautiful. Thank you!! :-)

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