Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blog Hop Preparation for Hold Your Fire! Cold Connections - Riveting

Are you ready to get your blog post pulled together for tomorrow's blog link-up for the Boot Camp: Hold Your Fire! Cold Connections focus on Riveting?

Don't panic if you are a bit behind!
You'll have a couple of days to get your blog post up and linked up.

Remember that even though it is great to see beautiful finished work, it is also inspiring to see experimental work and things that you have learned along the way.

So please create a blog post on your blog showing your work and progress then link up starting tomorrow (there is a countdown on the InLinkz gadget that will show you when it closes).

Love My Art Jewelry Pinterest Board for Hold Your Fire! Cold Connections Boot Camp
And we have been updating our Pinterest Board with some tutorials on riveting and other cold connections to help you find some tips, tricks, and some visual inspiration to get your creative ideas flowing.

Please remember that there is that line, especially on Pinterest, where you can see things that are beautiful pieces of work, created by artists that have found their creative voice.
These things are not there for you to copy and claim as your own.
Please be mindful of this as you sit and get to work.
Letting ideas flow, trying techniques, and finding your own creative voice…

When I need a visual jumping off point, I search for terms like:
Then after clicking on an item that interests me, scroll down, and see what else people have pinned.
Visual overload commences…

Remember to leave enough time to go make something yourself!
Then come back and share with us!

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