Monday, November 18, 2013

Keep it simple.... Life is too complicated

Had this blog been about my personal life, it would really read as some sort of an unbelievable novel. A standard response to the things that I seem to have gone through is, "you should really write a book." Now, I am sure that there are some of you out there that share with that feeling about your own lives.

Since I have no control over the things that I have endured, when I sit down to design I find that I do my absolute best when I remind myself of what life has been like for me (there are many good times too and many loving people I am fortunate to have) and to not complicate things when I create. There is a reason that when I try to make something really cool and line this up and that up, it comes out looking ..... well.... kinda like some of the painful events I've endured.

So, when I sit down to create, I start by saying to myself,
"Keep it simple"
"Remember, you do your best when you let you remove the thinking and just let your hands do the working."


more stuff like that.... I'm not organized enough to have a real plan for any ritual so I just stop, breathe and remember to let go.

So, I did the same yesterday when I wanted to make a cold connection. My first thought was all this fancy, shamsy stuff that I cannot do, so I gave myself my little reminder and reached for an old belt, some already cut discs and copper tubing that I have laying around (you can buy thin walled copper tube at Lowes or Home Depot).

copper disc, copper tube, piece of leather from belt, chasing hammer, block, VERY sharp scissors

I decided to keep this tutorial simple too and so I am adding a link to a longer one that I had done in the past on cutting copper tubes.

You might also want some of this stuff.... I used these to make my holes, but I if you have a disc cutter, I would recommend that to make your initial hole in the copper before using your dremel to get it to the right size. 

Oh, speaking of the right size, the hole needs to be just a little bigger than the tube hole. It's best if it is a snug fit. If I wasn't feeling lazy yesterday, I would have gone on a search for my sanding pieces for my dremel that might have worked a little better. I might have used a dust mask too and I would recommend doing that when sanding the leather.

Cut your design from your leather.
Cut your tube.
Cut your holes out to fit the tube.
Put together.
Tap both sides.
Tap again.
Etc. until you have a snug connection.

Dip it in some liver of sulpher.


Shine is up.

Nice and simple. Now, I need to stick with nice and simple while I make a necklace using this. I have a plan. Sort of. ;o)

Now, off to my day job as a teacher. I really wish I could stay home and do this for a living and hope that one day in the next five years I will be doing just that. In the meantime, I will put up with New York State being my boss.

Thank-you to everyone who follows our blog and thank-you for supporting artists who create handmade with handmade.



Anonymous said...

Love the leather on this clasp! It could also be fantastic as a focal piece.

stacilouise said...

love the huge size of the tube rivet! can't wait to see what you do with it!

Kelli said...

Oh, my goodness. Had no idea rivets could be so easy!!! I must try this! :)

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Fran I am new to this group, I have been enjoying the blog posts, and relishing in all of the amazing talent.I have been creating jewelry for a very short time,and this particular blog applies so much to me. Trying to keep it simple is such a hard thing for me to do, I also have this idea of grandeur that i will be using all sorts of techniques, and usually, I do, but have found that when I don't think too hard about designing, is when my best pieces are created. I love the simplicity of this object you have created, very organic too, Love it.

Unknown said...

wow! you perfectly did great :) gia diamond

Unknown said...

I love the creation of the jewelry


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