Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Cyber Monday Handmade Specials

Welcome to our Black Friday through Cyber Monday Post where you can start to shop for unique Handmade Art Items!
The point of this post is to give you one place to start your holiday shopping and possibly pick up something on sale - however, a "SALE" is not guaranteed - and some may be just running a promotion or giveaway.

Please check with each individual artist shop to see if there is a coupon code to use and when their sale is happening.

And if you want to help promote these artists, you can share a link to this post and the image below.
Check out our Love My Art Jewelry Pinterest Board for Handmade for the Holidays where you can help share items from these talented artists!
Love My Art Jewelry Black Friday Sale
Other Black Friday artisan blog links: Art Bead Scene and Art Jewelry Elements


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing these links for handmade jewelry and components! I'll enjoy shopping from these designers. :-)

Unknown said...

Nice blog! What a spectacular! Piece of work you have done with jewelry.

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Thanks Cindy!!!
And as a bead maker - I love being able to "thank" my customers by offering them a bit of a sale to help their holiday budget go a little further (and to add in a few little goodies that I have here in the studio).

It feels like a little holiday celebration between us all in this crazy shopping season!


jelly andrews said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this information. Handmade jewelries are really a perfect gift idea. But isn’t it that handmade jewelries are quite expensive?

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