Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making Ceramic Hoops

When I begin to make my ceramic clay hoops, I try to think about how the end piece will be used, then make it in thickness accordingly.
For earrings - lightweight is key.
For bracelets - durability is most important.
And necklace pendants and such fall in a place in-between.
I start with a lump of porcelain clay, and I either roll out small balls to texture, flatten, then cut out.
Or I grab one of my texture plates and roll out a flat slab of clay (sometimes I leave it untextured).
To speed up the process, I use a variety of round biscuit cutters (these are for clay use only and stay in the studio, away from food).
Then as I am making them I start to think not only how these will be used, but I also like to start to think about how I am going to fire these in my kiln to over 2232 degrees F.
Anything a glaze touches during this firing - it will fuse to.
So I like to add smaller holes so that I can suspend these from hooks on rods and not have the glaze touch anything except the clay where I want it to be.
I also like to make sure that the edges are sponged clean before they go into the first bisque firing. That way they have a nice smooth clean finish to them and so that I can remove as much excess clay as possible to lighten the pieces.
Just one quick insight on how I make some of my ceramic donuts.
Luckily with clay - the possibilities are endless!

Want to see some fabulous finished jewelry using these and some of my other ceramic pieces by talented jewelry designers?
Check out my Pinterest Board called: "Jewelry Designers Using Marsha Neal Studio Pieces"
Leave a comment with links to your work and I'll check back and pin it.

Here are some other handmade ceramic hoops by other artist friends that I admire:
Handmade rustic hoops by SlateStudiosSupply
Fossil Hoop by Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio
Wineberry Flower Toggle Hoop Clasp by Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio
Hawaiian Blue Raku Textured Donut by Odddesignsnc
Handmade Leaf Toggle by WhiteCloverKiln
Rustic Stoneware Toggle by MaryHardingJewelry
Thanks for taking a look at some unique handmade ceramic hoops.
Hope you will consider trying some in your next jewelry design!


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I love all the variety! Thanks for showing the process.... I have been lacking a little ceramic bead making motivation......

nancy john said...

What a splendidly marvelous collection! I'm a huge vintage brooch fan, too, and really began to build up my collection a serious way last year.

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