Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stirrings In My Studio

This is where I go to do my clay work.
It's in the basement - not such an inspiring place to work.
I am thankful to have a designated place to work, but one day
(In my dreams) 
I'll work in the studio space on my Pinterest boards...
Ever since I was young I have been drawn to nature.
I always felt as if I were a teeny tiny being in a huge world that is quite endless.
I studied Entomology in college, moving over into Ceramics.
From there I stumbled into the world of handmade beads and have quite enjoyed this path in life.
In my studio, I work in a series of textures, shapes, colors, always on the quest to make interesting object components for being used in more detailed work...
There are times of production too.
I prefer to work in small batches - making lots of things all at one time then moving onto something completely different when I feel a bit bored.
Which is kind of funny because the current LMAJ boot camp is about designing closures for your jewelry projects. I see closures in the sense of something to hold your jewelry on, and also in the light of finishing something.
That is something I struggle with constantly - finishing projects!
So my experimenting with inspiration from nature, like these poppy seed pods from the garden, goes from rolling out clay and pressing it to get textures - just fiddling with ideas...
To carving out clay stamps, which makes parts...
 That are then assembled and refined. 
And as this is happening, my mind is wandering...
My eyes, my brain, my hands, my heart and my ears are all at work...
Coming up with new ideas...
Seeing the potential for new pieces...
Working out a new series based in something deep from within...
But you may ask - Marsha - How do your ears come into play with making beads???

Well - I am never without my iPhone.
And I often wander with music playing around the studio, house and garden.
(Pants without pockets really throws off my creative groove btw).

And like any person with one of these devices, I have playlists.
I have Pandora, I Heart Radio, and such...
But after a while - you just need something new.

My "Exciting and New" happened from going out to see a band play back in March.
Something Dave and I used to do a lot before the little munchkins came along.

So my circle goes like this:
In the studio - listening to Matt Pond
Go See Matt Pond Play, discover The Spring Standards.
Follow The Spring Standards on Twitter hear about Ear Candy Podcast.
Never paid too much attention to podcasts, but my friend Elizabeth had mentioned how much she loves listening to different ones while working - Hmmm - Give it a try!

Ear Candy IS right up my alley!
Holy Moly - For me - It's like winning the Sick Joke, Funny Story Lottery!
It is like hanging out with my crazy younger brothers over a few beers AND having some cool freaking live Indie bands interact and play stripped down versions of their music!
It may not be for everyone - definitely not for listening with kids around - Just letting you know...

But I love listening - it's like hanging out in a studio environment back in college, instead of alone in a basement...
Adam and Vance from Ear Candy have opened the door to so many talented independent musical artists that I now listen to when I'm down in the studio ~ working...

And seeing the little red circle on their podcast is like being a kid getting downstairs on Christmas morning - full of excitement. Makes me hope for Monday when I get to work and listen to them without little kid ears around. 
And whenever I think of buying something through Amazon, I go to their Ear Candy Podcast Website, click the amazon link there - and they get a slight percentage back to help support their show!
Why not help them out right? If you've got to order from there anyway...

So on Friday night, Dave and I went out into Wilmington to see another band play - Two in One Year!
A new record (pitiful - we need to get out more as adults - lol).

We experienced the amazing Pearl and The Beard.
A band that I discovered through an episode of Ear Candy a few months back...

I have swooned and obsessed with their music - especially from their album Killing the Darlings in the studio while working on this new series of beads.
What the right kind of music can do for your creative flow!!!
And then seeing them play live, tweeting with them and talking in person! WOW!
Yes - I get all sqinchy nosed when I'm really happy!
Chatting a bit with the exuberant Jocelyn, I found out that she went to MICA (awesome art college in Baltimore) and is a mixed media artist as well as an amazing musician.
And she has a cool friend that is an indie dying artist as well: Telma of Knitty Or Nice.
Oh - man! If only I could tell her about all my cool friends!
Maybe she'll swing by Bead Fest on Aug 25 for the day after her gig at the Brandywine Folk Festival in Kennett Square, PA - lol! 
She would totally dig all those art beads!

Talk about circles of things. Music. Friends. Being Creative...
It's all kind of awesome being part of this independent community of artists.
Music as Art to inspire creating Art to enrich life by having handmade things to give to people which helps to make memories is a really great circle to be connected to...

To me being part of Love My Art Jewelry and the other online beads, knitting, mixed media, etc communities are right in the same lake as these independent artists and bands that work hard at being creative and true to what is deep down and coming up with really good "art".

And this crazy thing called the internet - Is the water that we're all floating in...
I just love it - Don't You!

So if you are so inclined - check out some of these independent artists and help support their creative endeavors. You won't regret it!


I purchased an extra "Killing the Darlings" cd from the show the other night with the intentions supporting the band and passing it onto any friend that I run into that I thought would totally dig the album, but as I thought about today's post - I thought - this could go to anyone that really wants it!

To get a chance at winning that copy of the album, simply leave ONE comment here on this post by Friday July 19, 2013 for any actions you do like following any of the artists, bands or podcasts through social media, purchasing their albums (or from any independent artist for that matter - jewelry maker, bead maker, etc - Support Handmade!). 
Please try to mention your independent artist in your comment too.

And I'll pick a winner and post in the comments on this post after July 20 (I post here on the 21st, and will announce in that post too). I will then contact you through your comment profile and will put the cd into the mail to you along with something that I have made (it will be a surprise - might be a bead, or a piece of jewelry, or some of the hand painted silk ribbon I carry - maybe one of the new pieces if they are finished soon!).

And if you happen to go and download the cd because you just love them too and you can't wait, then you will have this extra copy in hand, and you can pass onto a friend that you think will totally dig this band!


stacilouise said...

Do I get to play? I love music too, I can't work in silence, I need to get my soul moving- dancing- in order to create. I do my best work while singing at the top of my lungs!!!!! I love Enter the Haggis- a great band, and though I can get their stuff from iTunes, I like to buy the albums from their shows, I think they get more of the proceeds that way.

Martha Richardson said...

I found you through Suze Weinberg and can I say I am blown away by your carvings! Absolutely beautiful/

Kelli said...

Love the pods!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!

Kelli said...
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Shai Williams said...

I am so jealous. I used to really love music but my fibro reacts in not a good way to the vibration. Instead I have gotten hooked on podcasts and audiobooks. I know what you mean about the lack of pockets though.

Unknown said...

I would love to win. I always listen to music while beading, much of the time it is fast and upbeat, however, when I need to give my full attention to my design, I listen to smooth instrumental jazz like Redwoods to Rockies by Craig Chiquico.
'always looking for something/someone new in music.
Thanks for the opportunity. said...

Never heard of it but knowing you are a fellow artist I am sure it would be worth winning. I am always up for something new and fun.

Chelle said...

I am always looking for great indie artists. Music always puts me in that creative zone I love so much. Here in Fresno I found a group called Down Word and they rock. We go to all the concerts and events they attend.

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Congrats Commenter #6 (only one comment per person counts): Visionaries Plus!
Picked and posted here:

I'll contact you for your info! Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

I really like those poppy pods you are carving! Awesome!

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