Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Good Day To Thank Your Hands

I got to thinking about my hands when there the subject of clasps came up for the Boot Camp.
Because I really haven't made many of my own clasps or toggles my mind sort of wandered off as I sat out on the swinging chair on a gorgeous and warm Alaskan summer day. 
I thought to myself that I really ought to thank my hands for all they have done and what they do for me every day. I massaged them and thanked them finger by finger, so grateful for what they've allowed me to manifest creatively.
They are rather pained these days so I think about them more.
This is one of the images that sprang to my mind when thinking about art jewelry and hands.  I got it from the blog I have linked  here so I hope you go have a visit and learn about the history of the Claddagh ring that the author Elizabeth Barrett has thoughtfully written up.
The image reminds me of the exercise that I was taught by my chiropractor to stretch my cramped hands. I can only show you half of the exercise since I can't take a picture of both of my own hands!

Brave woman of a certain age shows her hand on blog!

You press your hands in this position with thumb splayed as far as possible from the rest of your fingers, touching thumb and forefinger with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand ( like a mirror image) Press down on the surface while pressing the top halves of your forefingers and pads of the thumbs giving a good stretch and count to 30. It's recommended to do this exercise once in awhile before  during or after  doing fine motor work with your hands.

I am grateful that the hands that held the crayons that did this have carried me over 50 years to today.
My mind and hands didn't quite connect then, I had the hardest time doing hair.

This made a bit more sense, A fur ruff.
I must have had a premonition that I would end up in Alaska!

XO Kim


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

As my hands are able to do less and less of what they used to do (sew, crochet, knit), I find myself that much more grateful for what they can still do: bead weave. Sweet post!

TesoriTrovati said...

Such a great reminder! We take them for granted. I have been experiencing the pangs of arthritis now and then. I bought my first tube of Aspercreme this spring. It makes me really appreciate my hands when they ache. I like your exercise and I think it helps! Thank you! Enjoy the day. Erin

Anonymous said...

I know about aching hands too and I wonder if some day I won't be able to bead any more. That would be a sad day, indeed. I tried your hand stretching exercise and it felt good. Thank you. Our hands are so precious. We must take care of them and appreciate all they enable us to do.

Sharyl said...

This is such a nice, thoughtful post! Yes, I'm thankful when my hands work. Even more thankful when my eyes do. It's very discouraging when our bodies keep us from doing what we love. It's good to be grateful when they do work and to be as kind to them as possible to keep them going!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Okay.... that was touching, helpful and hilarious all in one post, not to mention that are hands are twins almost! I need some of those stretches. I decided to not only take on jewelry making and creating little sculptures with tubing, but I had to throw in refinishing furniture in between! lol! My hands reminded me that I am not 25 or even 45 anymore!!!

Kerri said...

i found a really inexpensive chinese foot massage place- they do my feet, but also about 10 minutes on my hands. and ahhhhhhhhhhh. my hands give me probs as well, but my gosh, my expectations are so high! guitar, jewelry making, writing, etc. anyway, i need to massage them and say thanks for all they do!! :)

Maggie Zee said...

I'm going to start my workday by thanking my hands from now on. I do a "Smiling at My Organs" meditation when I remember to, but this is really good and maybe my old, spotted, stained, dry-cuticled paws will respond well to a show of appreciation.
Thank you, Kim!!

Heather said...

Thank you for the exercise for our hands as they are such an important part of our everyday life. Take care.

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