Friday, April 19, 2013

Searching for a new studio

My husband and I are in Fayetteville, Arkansas this week, trying to find a new home.

I am also trying to find some studio space to rent for a while, as I don't want to work in a small apartment until we find a house to purchase.

I have had outside studio's before, and love having a place away from home to work.  I can decorate the space exactly how I wish, and I feel like I am able to concentrate more on my work than when I am working from my home.

How about you? What is your studio like? Do you have a dedicated space for your creative play or work time?

My brother and I will be collaborating on a written project as soon as I move to Fayetteville, and we were discussing the importance of having a physical space to do our work together that allows for a comfortable and open creative environment.

For me, when it comes to making jewelry, it means having space to put all of my creative materials where I can easily access them; and for metal work, I aim to have safety as my main priority.

Creating a safe and creatively nurturing space for myself, no matter what its purpose, helps me so much with the quality, as well as quantity, of work I am able to produce.

If I can find a good space to rent, I am also going to splurge on getting a real jeweler's bench. I have my eye on a few pre-made ones, as well as some fairly easy to build bench plans.

A girl needs her dreams!


somethingunique said...

Oh I hope u find a great space....I finally got my set just right...come have a peek....can't wait to see yours...good luck..xox..

TesoriTrovati said...

I am excited for you with this move. Setting up a brand new space, from the ground up, is a great plan! I have a basement space that is really quite nice, but I have packed it full of so much junk that I can't get to a clear surface to work! I have been desperate to clear off a space and dedicate it to a small butane torch, but that hasn't happened and I fear it never will! I need an intervention and a team of people to put my hoarding in its place! I can't wait to see what you find. Thanks for sharing your journey. Enjoy the day. Erin

Erin Keane said...

Good luck Stacie! I will send good juju your way. I still really want to have an artist date, in my own new home / studio, before you leave. Is that possible? Email me, maybe we can play in early May! xo, Erin

Cheri said...

I would love to have a space away from home as my workspace is shared with a playroom for the kids.. so I really cannot keep everything out and have not even lit my torch yet because of the shared space. I am looking for a store-front space that I can have space to sell supplies that are made from other artists, have classes and a work area for me. The front of the store will be for about 10 artists to set up displays. Sort-of an all-in-one!
Good luck with your search and your move.

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