Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Head Pin Mania!

  I love the post yesterday on how to make headpins
If you missed it make sure you scroll down! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. 

 As you know to participate you need to either make or use handmade head pins, so I wanted to show you a new trend in beadmaking, glass head pins.
There are several shops on Etsy that have some great examples.

First is one of our favorite bead makers Genea Crivello-Knable 
These little buggers are so stinkin cute! Not only can I see them as parts or earrings but also incorporated into a necklace. The possibilities  are endlessBeautiful.
     Kalera Stratton of Beadwife has been making beads for a long, long, time. She also has been making these adorable leaf head pins for a while. I love the colors and the leaf shapes are great. I can see making a loop with the wire and simply hooking them onto a earwire. Simple but very elegant.

I met Liz about three years ago at the ISGB bead convention and have loved her work ever since. She not only makes great glass head pins put also enamel ones! Take a look at her Etsy shop. She is in Brisbane, Australia so lets hope her summer cools off soon!
And finally a great picture from one of my favorite artist Kristi Bowman. I thought I would show you how she used some glass head pins in this earring design. I love the colors.

So I hope I have stirred your creative juices. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I myself am off to make my own glass headpins! 


KristiBowmanDesign said...

I love Genea's headpins have used them often. Thanks for sharing a pair of my earrings, those cool headpins are from Kimberly Rogers of Numonisity.

supere67 said...

Didn't get to read yesterday's post till today.

I have a few questions regarding making headpins:
1. What should we use as a quench dish? Should it be heat resistant, like Pyrex?
2. Where to buy liver of sulpher.
3. Are copper and silver the only the only metals that will ball up? How about niobium or titanium?
4. Is a butane torch the only kind that will work? Will a propane or an acetylene torch work?


Libby Leuchtman said...

I am hoping that Staci will jump in here but to answer some of your questions Erika.

A pyrex dish is what I use so it's fine.
You can buy liver of sulpher at Rio Grande. It comes in liquid and a type of rock form.
I have heard that the silver filled wire can be balled up but not sure if that is true.
Most people use fine or sterling silver or copper.
I think that other metals might not work because they are a combination of metals and therefore melt at different temperatures so one metal would ball up while another wouldn't

I have used several torches to ball up metal so give the propane torch a try!

supere67 said...

I'm wondering if niobium would work since it is an element and not an alloy. Not sure about it's melting temp, though.

supere67 said...

P.s. Thanks for your answers, Libby. I suppose I should get out hubby's blow torch and experiment on the niobium ;)

Numinosity said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Kristi. I'm always tryin to come up with new and sometimes crusty and sometimes shiny and metallic shapes and designs for my customers

Numinosity said...

Let me say that its numinositybeads on etsy. Thanks, Kim

Unknown said...

I use pyrex for a dish too! I have seen people use plastic, but you chance burning a hole in it and having it leak. You can also get liver of sulfur at www.cooltools.us and don't need an account like rio. other torches will certainly work, you just have to adjust to how hot they are vs. where you hold your wire, ect..... and I haven't tried other metals AND SILVER FILLED WIRE will not ball up. I am not the only one to have tried it and failed. tow metals, heat at different temps...you just get a globby mess I hope that helps. Erica- you can also email me if you need extra tips staci.louise@hotmail.com

Libby Leuchtman said...

Thanks Staci for the info on the silver filled wire NOT working. I had heard it from someone selling the wire and I wasn't sure they had even tried it.
If anyone else has a good source for glass head pins please let us know!

Third Eye Gypsy said...

Awww thanks so much for the kind words and shout out Libby! Seeing glass headpins pop up all over it's exciting to really get as creative as you can with these tiny canvas'. I love to use them in my jewelry so I am always experiment with new designs.

Thanks so much Kristi! xo Genea

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