Monday, January 7, 2013

Art Jewelry Boot Camp

Art Jewelry Boot Camp is a series created to inspire all jewelry artists to learn, to reach, and to expand their talents. Bi-monthly, we will introduce a new topic to encourage you to start expanding your talent toolbox. For four weeks, each Monday, we will post in depth tutorials based on a theme. We invite you to give them a try and keep playing and working!

During week five, We will invite you to post your progress, your trials, your tribulations, your successes, and of course, your jewelry on your own blog! There will be a link tool at the bottom of week five’s post to add your blog post. If you’re not a blogger, we also have a Flickr group set up for you to add your pieces to....If you’re a Tweeter, Instagram-er, or Pinteret-er, please join us by tagging your progress or photos with the hashtag #AJBootcamp.

We’ll spend weeks 6-8 sharing our favorite designs, sharing tutorials from well-known designers and wrapping up our discoveries!

If you’re new to making jewelry or not a seasoned metalsmith, DO NOT FEAR! This series of challenges is for seasoned makers and newbies alike! If you’re still intimidated by the techniques, consider joining in the challenge by purchasing or using elements from other handmade artisan makers!

The only rules for each challenge are:

1) Use the techniques of each challenge to make NEW, ORIGINAL jewelry.

2) The components MUST be handmade. If you didn’t make them yourself, they need to be purchased from someone who did.

And a small disclaimer: This is an opportunity to share and grow among like artists. This is not an appropriate venue for self-promotion. Please do not include sale links (to Etsy, to your personal website for sale etc.) You are welcome to blog and include links, but our goal is sharing and education, not flagrant self-promotion. Those who do not adhere to this will be removed at Love My Art Jewelry’s discretion.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BOOT CAMP, Please check the sidebar for the latest jewelry designing experience!

If you're participating, please add our badge to your blog!!!!

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Unknown said...

Have you already started?

baymoondesign said...

Is it too late to join?

Artisan Beads Plus said...


The boot camp is ongoing. The first was the balled head pins. Stay tuned for the next one that will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to join our Flickr page. The link is on the left hand side.


Ema Kilroy said...

I'm joining in. Sounds like a wonderful challenge to help us stretch and grow.

jennifers jewels and junk said...

I think this may be just what I need :)

msbuck said...

Hi Staci - I just saw the disclaimer about linking to a site where items are for sale. I've removed the link from my ArtFire blog. It's the only blog I have and just thought my followers would like your site as much as I do. I've added you to my explorer favorites and plan to visit your site often to just simply learn. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Unknown said...

Is this still happening? If so, I'd love to join in. How would I go about that?

stacilouise said...

we are currently doing a boot camp on using fibers in jewelry. just follow the blog and you will get posts about how to use fabrics in jewelry, how to care for them and inspiration and sources for products!

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