Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Festively Inspired

Julie Holmes

This past weekend I attended the La Jolla Festival of the Arts.  I went there specifically to meet and say hi to fellow Grains of Glass member and sculptress/enamelist extraordinaire Delia DeLapp.  Delia inspires me.  She is a tiny little young thing and artistically it seems she lets nothing get in her way.  Need a bigger kiln?  She builds one.  Client wants big?  Go Bigger.  Need a new skill?  Go learn it. I don't see fear in her, like the fear in me that holds me back.  Maybe she asks herself the same "what if's" that I do...but if so, she doesn't let it show.  Her work is gorgeous, bold and courageous, like her.

I chose some other favorites from the show to share with you.Justin Coopersmith  His work is exactly what I'm drawn to. Color, glitz, texture, whimsy, fun...a feast for the eyeVigallart, a collaboration of Ric, Susan and Tim Vigallon.  3D metal art...again, right up my alley.  Shiny metal, gorgeous color and fun whimsy.  A man with a plasma torch...and look what he can create with it...stunning.

Then there was Suzanne Spalding glass art.  Beautiful designs, gorgeous colors, and again that fun and whimsy. I will never again think of fused glass as strictly little boring ashtrays and platters.

What did I learn?  There is more beautiful art out there than you can imagine.  Art shows are expensive and the food isn't that great.  The things I like the most are expensive (of course).  People at shows are having fun.  I like being around people that are having fun.  There's nothing like sunshine, happy people and art to make you want to go home and create.  Have you been to an art show lately?


Artisan Beads Plus said...

Not this year.... not yet! I will actually be joining my husband in a two day arts festival in July. I'll let you know how it works out. I, myself, am an online kinda gal, but I'm going to go along with some jewelry and see what happens. I'm also very social, so the event will probably be fun for me regardless of the outcome. I love the choices that you shared...... wow!!! and..... There is NOTHING like refusing to hold back.... when it comes to creativity, of course ;o)

mairedodd said...

i am so due -
thank you for sharing this with us and i really appreciate what you wrote about delia... i am going to carry that around with me... sounds like she knows how to get out of her own way so that she can get to the business of making!

stacilouise said...

Not like that one! Love the art you featured. Shows are a wonderful place to meet and talk to artists. Being around those that think like we do is magical!

Pournima said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. I really appreciate your work what you wrote about delia.
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Sandra said...

I've been to the La Jolla Festival of Arts, I love it. We have an Art Walk here in Clarksville TN and I've been to a couple so far. I do enjoy seeing other people's work and it always inspires me to create.

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