Thursday, February 2, 2012

guest post - diane cook

I could never have predicted how important this torn cabinet card would become
in the years to come in my artistic journey.
A picture of two sisters, who actually are distant cousins.
Found in a dresser drawer of my grandparent's home, both long gone,
the most precious treasure, worth more to me than silver and gold.
Stacks of family cabinet cards, given to my grandparents,
that seam to reveal a close knit family full of sharing.
I was blessed to inherit the 1920 farmhouse from my bachelor uncle,
an older brother of my father,
who before that had inherited it from his parents and my grandparents.
I shared this story some time ago in the fall 2009 issue of Somerset Memories,
called Cabinet Card Sisters.
I had made a couple of soldered jewelry pendants, one using this very same

They eventually made their way into my marketing, as one day sitting
at my computer,
I pulled up this very picture in one of my editing programs.
I hit crop and when I did...the idea was born.
I first began using a black and white version of this picture on the front
of my class handouts.

But later that year, I had a designer, Susie Hibdon,
use it to design my business cards, postcards and as a banner at
Next, I placed them in resin filled bezels.

"art sistas"

With many more bezels in the waiting...

I've used the sisters together. I've used them one at a time.
Obviously I've used only their hands.
But, I have found that I love to use only their feet!

"dance with heart"
Window to my Heart Class
(I will be teaching at Spring Beads on May 12, 2012, in Spring, Texas)
And, just their faces too!

I've used them in larger soldered pendants.

(I will be teaching at Art Unraveled 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona)
And covered them with mica.
These necklaces were just featured in the winter 2011 issue of
Belle Armoire Jewelry.

(I will be teaching at Art Unraveled 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona)
Recently I used one of the little girls as my blog favicon.

And last, but certainly not least,
I put together a group of images for a group of Moo stickers,
which I have been using as the closure on my class kit bags.
The message, one I had written,
rings strong and true as I travel this artistic road I have chosen.
It has proven to be never dull, ever winding, and worth every minute.


more about diane here:


Artisan Beads Plus said...

Wow!! This post is incredibly touching and inspirational. Thank-you :o)

Chris said...

Simply beautiful Diane!! The message of love, support & togetherness featured in beautiful creative jewelry~~

Erika said...

How wonderful to inherit your grandparents home. I LOVE how you have used this picture of your cousins in your jewelry! What a wonderful idea to include a piece of your family history in your jewelry. Very inspiring!

Diane said...

Thank YOU MJ for including me in your artistic journey =) I am constantly amazed at the way we are brought together in this huge and widely diverse world by our divinely orchestrated!

Hope Amen said...

Love the story and your art Diane!

mairedodd said...

how incredibly beautiful that this thread runs through it all... thank you so much for sharing that story here - i have wondered about those girls before in your work... wishing you the best in your classes and excited to see where the girls will show up next...

Unknown said...

Really touching and now I know 'the rest of the story'....thank you for sharing such a wonderful look how you infuse your past into your future...I just wrote a little post about that being my word for 2012...and used you as an example!! xoxoxo!

stacilouise said...

Its just inspiring that you have made so many different, unique and specail pieces all born from one photo! Really really inspiring!

Diane said...

Thanks everyone...your words of encouregement did not fall on deaf ears! I appreciate them more than you know =)

Unknown said...

Such a lovely way to share it...Marti C.

Barbara said...

What a beautiful story Diane! I've wondered about those lovely girls too! It is nice to have that one special element that speaks to you in a such a way that you never tire of finding new and exciting ways to use it. Thanks for sharing!

Izzy said...

Such a sweet story and beautiful jewelry! Thanks for visiting!

Riki Schumacher said...

Such an amazing journey for you my friend, how exciting to see where those little feet take you next. And how wonderful to have your lovely ladies be there with you on the journey. Xoxo Riki

Pretty Things said...

I am so in love with Diane, and reading about where things came from and the meaning behind them is touching.

Vivi Magoo said...

You are an amazing woman, my friend, Diane! Such an open heart and gentle spirit ~ You are constantly a source of inspiration to me! I’m glad we are on this journey together! Love, Barb

Diane said...

Thanks...I am touched by all of your kind words. Really. xo

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