Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest post - Kristi Bowman

I am thrilled to be sharing on this wonderful blog.
 Rather than talking about myself today 
I'm going to show you some fun things I've been working on.

I dug out some amazing carved wood blocks I've been hoarding for awhile 
and did a bunch of new copper pieces with them.

Once I got started I could kick myself for letting them sit on the shelf!

This is a vintage block and I made several pieces from it.


I don't believe this one is vintage 
but it's absolutely stunning and no surprise I got a stunning piece from it.
Cut out a few bits added a few bits 
and it turned in to one beautiful and versatile component.


I had a bracelet focal in mind when I made it 
but I can see it could make a stunning necklace focal as well.
It has the center flower cut out, 
holes on either side and copper bits added along the side.

Above are all made from the same block.
It's the one in the first photo on the bottom right.
I've used it before and can do a lot with it!

Thanks for joining me on my first Guest Post on this blog.
If you'd like to check out my BLOG, ETSY shop, or ARTFIRE
I'd love to share the rest of my work with you.


Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing with us Kristi!

Your copper work is stunning and those wood blocks are amazing! They look like Vintage and Indian textile blocks?

I may have to have one of those paisleys!!!!

Alice said...

These are fabulous! And to think they were made from patterned wood blocks is amazing! The paisley is my favorite.

Melinda Orr - BANDANA GIRL said...

Great overview....these pieces are just wonderful! I'm sure they'll be sold out shortly! :-))

stacilouise said...

I really like the bracelet one and the new hearts on the bottom. Very cute! I bet the wood blocks with their nice deep cuts work great!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Awesome Kristi! I took a PMC class a few months ago and was so surprised when I went to pick up my finished piece. The clay was so different than what I am used to working with. It was fun. I did learn, however, that I had to work fairly fast and I was so afraid my piece was going to break! I would love to do more in the future. Thanks for sharing your method :o)

mairedodd said...

really beautiful kristi - and those wood blocks are perfect for what you are doing... as always, your finishing is wonderful... thank you for sharing here...

Elizabeth said...

Kristi!! your use of those fabulous wood blocks is inspired!! Love what you are doing !!! Must visit your shop very soon!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

I just love the direction that Miss Kristi has taken with her work. I once walked by an entire booth of vintage textile stamps like this and now I wish that I had snatched them up! They make great stamps but also are just pretty to look at. Thanks for sharing your new work, Miss Kristi!
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Kristi! And as excellent as your photography skills are, your metal clay pieces are even prettier in person! I had such fun looking at all of them yesterday. :-)

Courtney Breul said...

Really beautiful pieces!

Juliette said...

Really lovely work, and I love those wood blocks!

Unknown said...

Those are wonderful! Very, very nice work! Great job on the blog post too, enjoyed it very much!

Crimson Frog Designs by Kinga Nichols said...

Gorgeous pieces Kristi!

The Pretty Peacock said...

Absolutely lovely - those wood blocks are beyond purty!! :)

KayzKreationz said...

All great pieces. And I love the blocks you used for them.

Kelli said...

Incredible pieces, Kristi!! Thanks for sharing!

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