Sunday, September 25, 2011


SALE..... please scroll down to learn more about it......

Have you signed up to join us if you create handmade with handmade jewelry?

Have you signed up to join us if you create your own handmade beads/components?

Have you donated (optional) either jewelry or beads/components for our big giveaway that will be held on the same day as the big sale?   Participants in the sale and shoppers are eligible to win.

Have you remembered to share this sale date on your blogs, facebook, etc.?

Have you previewed the shops that have signed up to far?

Have you marked your calendar for some great sales in some fabulous shops?

If not..... what are you waiting for?

One week from today 

~LMAJ's 1st Cyber Sale~

To learn more about this sale click HERE and HERE for more explanation.


If you have any questions, please send an email to

As always....

~thank-you for creating handmade with handmade~


Honey from the Bee said...

What page on your blog would you like us to point our readers on October 2nd to find all the shops participating? Thanks!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Good question. I will be creating another "reminder" post this Friday, the 29th. On October 2nd (by 6 am EST), there will be yet another post with all the links on it. If you direct shoppers to the "home" blog page on that day, the official sale will posted for shoppers to travel from shop to shop returning to Love My Art Jewelry each time to link to the next person. I hope that makes sense.

Honey from the Bee said...

I'm doing a post today so will do the links to that hue among us for this one and change it to your home page on Sunday in case they come across it that way. I'll do another reminder on Sunday AM. Thanks for getting back so fast!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

That's great! Thank-you :o)

somethingunique said...

Hi, i love my "art beads" and make my own OOAK jewelry with art beads from many of the people i have found through blogging these past several months...i love the idea of the handmade components and supporting these artists...i don't have a shop i sell mostly at summer fairs and art and craft day i would love to have a shop... and this year was the first year i had a collection made with mainly art beads and everyone loved them...i am from Canada and these types of supplies cannot be found locally... so i am so glad to have found all of you and plan to support you for as long as i am making my jewelry. I did not get a chance to blog about the sale i did not know about it... i have not had much time to blog as i have been taking care of my mom...but today i finally learned how to add a button link on my blog so i plan to add more from all my fave shops. take care and enjoy your weekend ttfn Lana :)

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