Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ugly Election, Beautiful World

by Staci Louise Smith

As election day draws near here in the USA, things are heating up.  It is never a positive thing.  Elections are always negative and cut throat.  But this one, seems to be the most dirty and ugly I can remember.


I am pretty sure everyone knows what they are doing by now.  

Even if it feels like this (this clip kills me every time!!)

I do not want to see another commercial, or get another phone call or be subjected to another Facebook rant.  It is just too much.

So, I decided to take time to remember the beauty of this world.  I did what I often do when I feel overwhelmed, or underwhelmed and have nothing new to show due to lack of muse.

I turned to Pinterest.  And I typed in Beautiful Creatures.

I enjoyed scrolling through the inspiring pictures of animals, and enjoying the creative photography of these majestic creatures.

It was just what I needed.  A little reminder that this election, is a drop in the bucket.  Life goes on.  The beauty in the world does not go away if we don't like the president we get.  

4 years is a short time in the large scheme of things.

The world continues to function.  It breathes, it grows, it loves, it moves.  

So I am choosing to concentrate on that.  And for that reason, I need a social media break until this election is over.

I am going into the studio in hopes to find my muse and make some new work.

I am going to look at beautiful images and be in awe and wonder of the beauty that exists.

Sorry I had nothing about jewelry art or making today.  Just some musings on life.

Most of all, remember, we are all people, who have loved ones, and have cares and concerns and hearts....we all breathe the same even if we do not agree, lets try, lets try real hard, to find a common ground with each other, and not create more division in our world.

wishing you love this election season


Carol Dekle said...

Haha! Love the video! I think unplugging is a great idea Staci. What amazing creatures to find on Pinterest. I wish I was like them, happily unaware of the chaos that is our political system!

thecolorofdreams said...

I agree with you Staci. We must try to see the beauty in life and be kind to one another.

Janet Carter said...

Thank you Staci. That was a perfect post!

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