Saturday, November 19, 2016

speaking your truth

mary jane dodd

without maybe even knowing it, you are already drawn to your expression of things, your life, your feelings, the world we live in. our world is a visually rich world - pinterest, google, etsy, etc., loads of magazines and craft books. when you are seeking to find your way, your voice, it can become overwhelming and a bit confusing. start by doing what feels right to you, to your insides. if you feel a bit of fear or resistance, you are probably getting close to it. because what we do makes us very vulnerable - this is, in effect, your heart in metal (or the medium you choose). each hammer strike, each small decision is you - 

i have always been drawn to words - and would use the quotes of others in my descriptions. (please always give credit where credit is due.) then i began using phrases that resonated with me - and often came from me. 

my descriptions became my own writing - and they found their way into metal.

and then onto wall plaques

i deeply enjoy writing - so the words most recently have made their way into a book.

the point being - follow your heart, your gut, your interests. there is a body of work in you, a cohesive 'you' in what you apply your heart, mind and hands to. it takes time. i began this venture into adornment 16 years ago. as a child i wanted to be a poet. but it had to come into being with the physical work. if pieces are narrative in nature - share what it is about. people want to know. 

so look at things that inspire you - a pair of earrings can be inspired by spring wisteria or autumn leaves. but don't limit it to jewelry - look at nature, sculpture, painting. when you read, does anything mean so much to you that you have to share it? that happened to me when a passage from aldous huxley's island was shared. the word 'lightly' is now integrated into my personal life philosophy and something i want to connect to others with. 

i think most of us start from the place of aesthetics - creating beautiful things that can be worn. but as we learn, it can become more - in so many different ways. your work never ever has to be narrative, it can be sculptural, or influenced by nature. 

keep at it - and even once you think maybe you are onto something, keep pushing, expanding. stay curious. 

and share it all with us - 

in peace,

mary jane

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lakesuperiorwaves said...

i am so happy for you! i knew this would be great! laura

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