Thursday, July 21, 2016

Studio Clean: Digging in the depths

by Staci Louise Smith

I know I post about "cleaning up my studio" often.  It is usually after a show, when I leave for the show with all the stuff I worked on a mess and then come home from the show and dump even more stuff in the studio.
(like this picture shows)

Once a year, or every other year, I try to do a deep clean.  It is usually around the time I am switching gears, from jewelry to mass bead making (for Bead Fest).  

This week was the week for 2016.  I am out of time and need to start making beads, and I couldn't move in there, at all!  Especially since I added in prints and bags.  More stuff to store, and less space then ever in the studio!

Thankfully, earlier this year my husband had a dumpster for a job, and we cleaned out the basement while we had it.  We got rid of all the baby stuff I was holding onto from the kids.  We donated boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes.  

It cleared space on shelves down there that allowed me to store things all together, in an organized manner.  So, teaching stuff can be down there when I don't need it.  Show stuff and displays can be down there, ect ect ect.  It is so nice, I cannot even tell you!!!

I finally finished cleaning out things that I don't use often and moving them the basement.  I have gathered a HUGE bin of things to get rid of and destash too.  It clean so much space, allowing me to organize.  

Here are some shots of the studio in process of cleaning

YES- I did store my polymer clay in the boxes it comes in under my desk.  My feet don't need to be on the floor anyhow!!!!

Now it is all in drawers in this great little dresser thing I got for $6 at the thrift store.  It all fits perfectly!!!!!

It is right next to my desk so I can reach it easily!!!

Here is part of my workbench, halfway through clean up

I also scored this great pine shelf thing at the thrift store.  It is perfect to raise up my solder station and store the tools I use underneath!!!

I had paints in a few different bins, and couldn't see them.  Therefore, I never used all the colors.  So I chucked the old dried up paints, and sorted them and put them all on the shelf where I can see them easily and grab what I want.

I think the stress of a deep clean up is, not just getting rid of stuff you don't need, but organizing it in a way that it works best for you.  so you have to figure what you use most, where you want to grab it from, ect.  I did a lot of little moves of items, organizing hand tools, grouping all polymer clay stuff on one shelf, metal clay on another, ect.....It was a lot of work!!!!

Now, the studio is set up in a way that I can move around, and reach most things without having to move other things.  

I LOVE IT.  It also allows me to have room to set up some shelves to allow beads to dry when I start producing them in droves this weekend.

Here is a video tour of my studio now, all cleaned up.  It's a small room, so I tried to get it all in the video, I hope the up and down and around and back and forth don't make you too dizzy!!!


Now that this is done, I will be into the bead making zone pretty intensely.  I also have to prep for the class I am teaching at Bead Fest.  You can sign up here .  There are still spaces abvailble.  It is a really fun class, and you will go home with a finished piece.  I am always impressed with how everyone take these sort of projects and goes home with a piece that has their own signature spin on it!  We have a GREAT time!

Even if you don't take my class, if you make it to BeadFest, come and see me!  I am in Artisan Alley in the back corner with Diane Hawkey, Marsha Neal and Nikki Thornburg.  It is crazy fun and full of wonderful and wacky art beads!  I hope to see you there!!!  


Carol Dekle said...

I just LOVE the video tour! What an inspiring work space you have. I wish you luck at Beadfest Staci!

lordblessu said...

I love your video tour. My room gets just like yours too. I noticed you have a rock tumbler I just bought one. Can I ask where do you get the shot for it? I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.

stacilouise said...

I think I bought my shot from

lordblessu said...

Thank you, I looked and watched a video earlier today

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