Wednesday, May 4, 2016

forgive me..and a giveaway

Carol Dekle-Foss

Recently, I discovered just how fragile and delicate life really is. I was reminded that we need to take care of one another, and show kindness, love and forgiveness. 
 I know death is hard thing to think about, but what if you knew that you were going to die tomorrow. What would you do today? What would you be doing during those very last breaths? 
Some events in life can be painful and crush our hearts. That's why it's so important to live in the NOW and LOVE, while we still have the chance. Maire did a wonderful post recently on breathing that is very helpful to bringing us back to the present moment. 

I haven't been able to create or blog over the past few months unfortunately, because of a painful event. I am slowly making my way back to creating. So for this post, I have decided to offer a giveaway!

I am offering one lucky winner a leather bracelet, earring set and a sandblasted stone keychain! 

Bracelet and earrings are made with roll-printed sterling silver sheet, and earwires are handmade from 21g sterling silver wire.

Would you like to win all three pieces? Simply leave a comment and share whatever you like. What are your plans this summer? What have you been working on creatively? For an extra chance to win let's be friends on Instagram! Here is my Instagram page. Just mention that you followed me in the comment and it will count as two entries. Also, feel free to leave your comment on our Facebook page, if that's easier for you. I will announce the winner May 18th.

We are all given just one life to live and enjoy, to the best of our ability. So when our time is up, we can be grateful we had the gift of life.


Brooke Bock said...

Your post makes me think.... I know it is not until the fragility life hits us in the face sometimes that we take the time to appreciate. I hope you are well....It is a sweet way to celebrate by giving art away.... Very best wishes...truly.

Deb Fortin said...

so sorry to hear that you have suffered a painful loss, and especially that it has affected your creativity.
I pray that your creative muse returns and helps you to deal with and heal from your loss.

My plans this summer include making jewellery for the two craft / art shows I'm booked for. I just finished making a large necklace using two ceramic buttons (each about 3-4 inches long -one oval, one triangular) wired together ; and I am happy with how it turned out.

I hope to be able to find my voice and develop my personal style . I struggle with making a cohesive collection of jewellery , mostly I make what I feel like making but none of it connects to the other pieces.

I love how you have created the bracelet and earrings, each stands alone but when combined have similarities that make them work as a set. That is what I hope I can finally achieve this summer.

I just followed your instagram account and look forward to what you make this summer

The Beadwench said...

What a beautiful post. I'm sorry for the pain your going thru. Life is indeed fragile. If I knew I would be gone tomorrow I would hold my children close and cuddle and talk about everything and anything. I'm crying right now even at the thought of it. This summer we are reconnecting with life no electronics, I have some very cool art projects planned, nature walks, and volunteering. I'll also be creating and no learning cold connections as well as soldering. I just followed you on instagram.
Welcome back Carol.. and and thank you for this blog !!!!

Karen Z said...

Such a timely post; I struggle with getting it all in daily. So aware that time is finite, and yet some days the thought is somewhat daunting. Creatively, I've created a list of local parks to explore and sketch *if the weather ever permits taking the time outdoors in this cold and damp spring we're having.

Alice said...

so true. i lost my father this past week. even though he was in his 80s he was a hard worker. he had a zest for life and loved to help people in need.I miss him so much.

Iveth @ The Creative Atelier said...

We should be mindful of the fragility of life. Sometimes we get so absorbed in the day to day tasks, that we loose sight of the big picture. And for that reminder today, Thank you!
This is such wonderful giveaway, thank you for the chance to win. I friend you on IG too:) All the pieces are fabulous!

Cindi said...

It's hard to go through a life changing event. I'm having to deal with this now. Both my parents are ill and in a nursing home, it's so sad and some days I feel like I'm going crazy. I know they will not be with me forever, it's just extra hard having them both so ill. I love your jewelry and haven't made any in awhile due to taking care of my parents, I'd love to win this, thanks for the chance. Sorry to talk about my burdens on your page..

Cindi thomas

JoZart Quilts said...

I've been thinking the same way since I was diagnosed with a heart problem. It is managed now but life seems that much more fragile and I want to see my grandies grow and know they know me and will remember me in their lives. I am lucky and I am alive so I make the most of life.
It is a lovely gesture to give such gorgeous items but I can feel why you are doing it. Money cannot buy happiness but kindness can.
Thank you for being so lovely!
Jo x

Heather Sebastian said...

These pieces are gorgeous! I would la la LOVE to win them. xoxo

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

Carol Dekle said...

Thank you all for your wonderful and heartfelt comments!
@Brooke, thank you so much Brooke!
@Deb, Soon, I hope to express my feelings into my art and jewelry. Cohesiveness is such a hard thing to accomplish. Just keep making what you want and you will find your creative voice!
@Beadwench, hold onto those grandbabies! Sounds like you have a wonderful time planned this summer!
@Karen z, I sure hope it gets warm there for you soon! Here in California, we have seen a good amount of moisture and the rivers and lakes have filled up nicely. Have fun sketching!
@Alice, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your father! He sounded like a wonderful man. I lost my mom many years ago, but still think about her everyday. It's one of the hardest things to go through losing a parent. You are in my thoughts!
@Iveth, your welcome! You're right, it is so easy get caught up in everyday life and forget what is truly important. Thank you for your comment!
@Cindi, so sorry you are going through such a difficult time with both of your parents being ill. It must be very hard. I know what you mean by feeling like you are going crazy, but know your not. It's just part of the process unfortunately. Sending healing thoughts to you and your family!
@JoZart Quilts, sorry to hear you just found out about a heart condition. If we don't have our health we have nothing. It makes us realise how precious and special life really is. Sending you healing thoughts!

craftyd said...

I hope you will be better soon, life does take some sharp turns sometimes. Your giveaway is awesome, thanks for the chance to win it.

My plans for the summer include finishing a thorough cleaning of my house and then I'm going to do more exploring of touch fired enameling plus there will be some tractor pulls on the weekends.

Hope you have a great summer and the mojo returns, jewelry making is good therapy.


Lynn said...

Your thoughts really touched me---I lost a sweet friend in September. We happened to be playing tennis together and she stopped to sit down. All of a sudden we were calling the paramedics. She died of a stroke two days later. Just out of the blue. I have a thought or memory of her almost every day.
I love reading all the comments you've inspired---I'm going to finally learn to work with polymer clay with an artist friend next week. Then we are going to choose something different to work on every month or so. Really looking forward to learning new things. I love your designs---they are so very special!
Lynn Carling

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I fully understand how the ability to create and blog can disappear when something so painful occurs.

I'm going through the start of a similar journey now. My mother is reaching the end of her life, suffering from multiple health problems and continuing decline in quality of life. She is fighting tooth and nail to keep from slipping further but is slowly loosing the battle. It is difficult to see her struggling like this and I prefer to remember when she was strong and healthy and helped me through so many challenges.

As you said though we need to cherish the time we have, we need to take care of one another, and show kindness, love and forgiveness.


Kathy Lindemer said...

I am sorry for your loss. Stay strong!

Shaiha said...

I am so sorry for your hard event. Sometimes life feels that it needs to smack us around.

I plan on enjoying this summer with my Pomeranian Devil. He's fifteen and I think it's his last. I plan on getting out of the house more and taking pictures since I haven't done that since my husband became disabled.

Patricia Quinn said...

Five years ago, in just a moment I learned how fragile life really is. I was involed in a motorcycle accident that could have very easily left me dead or worse. It took over four years to heal and to get my life back to a new normal. The last part of that happened when I began creating jewelry. The act of creating became part of my healing. Then just like that my life changed again due to a car accident which left me having two back surgeries in two months. I am still recuperating from the second surgery I had a week ago. Life is fragile and one moment in time can change your life completely. I pray for comfort and strength to help you heal your heart. Please let creativity help you to do so. Try something easy it helps you to get out of your own head. Bless you.

Lisa Mack said...

Best wishes for day to day and moment by moment Joy. My family is dealing with a major upcoming surgery. We try to live in today, for tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.

This summer, I leased space in a market and am experimenting with the venture! Trying to not be a what if woman! I plan on focusing in mixed metals. Nothing like patina under your nails to look like a mechanic!

lakesuperiorwaves said...

Obviously your post rings true with so many. Just look at how many lives you've reached usi g words...amazing. your work is beautiful. Dive into it and put your feelings into it as well. It will help you unload and breathe. allow your anger and sadness to flow out of your heart and head thru your hands and out of your body so as to be a part of your creative process.I'm sorry for your pain.
I am working on creating more patterns using native American stamps on copper. I'm also doing some mixed media and abstract painting. It is teaching me so much. I am following you on instagram and I did leave a comment on your post on facebook.Your work is beautiful. I hope you find joy and peace. Know that you have so many people listening...

Carol Dekle said...

Wow, when I did this post I never imagined so many would share such touching and heartfelt stories. Thank you everyone, your words have lifted me and helped my healing. I have been buying new tools for the studio. Nothing makes wanting to be in the studio more than a shiny new toy, er tool;)

@Lynn, so sorry to hear about your friends sudden passing. Sometimes they can be the hardest. The unexpected takes us by surprise and leaves us feeling so empty. That is wonderful you have a friend to learn and grow with during your creative journey. Having someone else as a soundboard helps us see things in a new light. Have fun!
@Mona, sending you healing thoughts to your mom and you during this challenging and difficult time!
@Patricia, exactly. In one moment our hearts, minds and souls can be shattered. It sounds like absolute hell what you have been through, and yet you have still been able to create. Thank you for inspiring me! Sending healing thoughts for your recent surgery.
@Lisa, wishing your loved one a speedy recovery after the surgery. Good luck as well on your new venture! Sounds like fun. Yes, I love it when my fingers (and face) are dirty from being in that creative moment!

Heirloom Inspired said...

Thank you for your post. I believe healing comes from sharing our grief and pain. May you heal through the energy given to you by your creative process.

freebird7100 said...

Prayers being sent to you. Healing takes time. Better to heal right then to feel it again later on in a worse way. Be blessed

Jenn in CT said...

Hi Carol,

I stumbled on your blog site for the first time today, so this is my first post. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and send you warm thoughts. I too have lost many beloved friends, pets and family over the years. In my case loss brought the bittersweet gift of clarity that led me to reorder my life and re-evaluate my priorities. I hope your muse returns soon, and I wish you comfort and peace...

Jenn in CT

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