Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Wearin' O the Green

by Staci Louise Smith

Wikipedia tells us that "The Wearing O the Green" phrase came from a song. 

"The Wearing of the Green" is an Irish street ballad lamenting the repression of supporters of the Irish Rebellion of 1798. It is to an old Irish air, and many versions of the lyric exist, the best-known being by Dion Boucicault.[1] The song proclaims that "they are hanging men and women for the wearing of the green".
The revolutionary Society of United Irishmen adopted green as its colour, and supporters wore green-coloured garments, ribbons, or cockades. This was considered sedition by the Dublin Castle administration according to Poynings' Law,[citation needed] and often resulted in prosecution by the authorities or violent reprisals by loyalist mobs. In some versions, the "green" being worn is shamrock rather than fabric.[1]

The song tells us that wearing green was a way of rebelling.  Seems quite appropriate for "the fighting irish" holiday.

There are many reasons though, that green is the color of St. Patricks day, with rebellion being just one.  

The Irish believed that Leprechauns (faire folk) would pinch anyone not wearing green, because green made you invisible to them.

Anyhow, I enjoy a fun St. Patrick's Day and finding some green to wear!  So I sought out some eye candy in greens I would wear St. Patti's, and every day!

I would wear these any day- wonderful olive green earrings by LoveRoot

I would also use this bead in just about anything- Lisa Peters Art knows her way around Raku

And if you don't want to wear your green, you can always drink out of it.  LOVE these mugs, they can go from coffee to beer and not miss a beat!  Made by Blue Sky Pottery Co

My favorite green to wear is Sarah Clemens Clothing!  Handmade linen clothes to die for.

Chilly on St. Patti's day, or you just want to look cool?
How about this hand crocheted hat by Cuteling

So, I hope you had fun window shopping with me!  Have a fun and safe St. Patti's day!  Wear your green so you don't get pinched and do it in style!!!!

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