Thursday, December 3, 2015

Photographing My Jewelry and Beads

by Staci Smith

This is how I feel when it comes to photographing and listing my work.

Then the reality starts to set in........................

Then there is the photography

And then there is the editing

and then there is the listing of it (this is about how creative I feel when it comes time to list)

Anyhow, I think we can all relate.  Us creative folk want to make things.  We don't want to do all this boring stuff.

Now, I am no pro photographer by a long shot.  I don't know how to use my camera settings.  I read things and they go right out of my brain again.

So, I have found for me, that natural light is the best.  I have yet to find a bulb that gives the right light with my light box.  At least, not one that doesn't require a ton of editing.

So, I try to keep it simple.  Here are my tips:

1.  Photograph in natural, INDIRECT LIGHT.  I find that a sunny day with slight cloud cover is ideal.  I also have a spot outside that gets indirect light two times a day, so I try to take pictures then.  Also, never use a flash, ever.

2.  For more professional pictures, use a light box outside on a super sunny day.  

3.  If it is cold, find a spot inside that gets indirect light.  

4.  This one is a HUGE one for me.  Frame your picture for the least amount of editing- meaning less cropping.  Get that camera right up in there!!!!!

5.  I prefer to use a grey background.  This automatically adjusts the white balance.  No funny tones.  Here is my FAVORITE background to use.  I use the matte black, which actually looks dark grey.  here is the link to it, it comes with white as well.  This background alone took the quality of my photo's up a notch!!!

Here is what it looks like when I use it.  These are natural light (in a window), minimal to no editing, using my samsung phone.

And that is it.  Just a few of my tricks for quick easy pictures.  

I hope that helps a bit!  I know I am not alone with hating this part of the job!!!!


nova walker said...

thank you so much for posting, I admire your photography on your jewelry <3

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

I completely agree with you about the dreaded taking photos of our jewellery part of the making and selling process - I hate doing it too. Thanks for the tip about the background, I need to investigate those acrylic boards!

Deborah Kelly/ said...

Thanks so much for all of your practical 'real world' tips...I'm saving them all!

Karin MacDonald said...

I would say you pretty much nailed it as far as jewelry photography goes. My problem was a matter of timing and I found that having to wait for lighting conditions to be just so made it even more of a drag! I am fortunate enough to have space available in my basement where I have set up a "photo studio". I have been using mostly white backgrounds, but really like your gray option. Can't wait to try it out!

Deb said...

Thanks for the link for the backgrounds, I'll have to try them out. I've gotten better with not agonizing over photographing my work, but can certainly use any tips for improving. Thanks too for the laughs ; )

Shaiha said...

You are definitely not alone. I hate taking pics especially since the only place I have to set up is in my basement. And it had better be a sunny day so I can get some light in there. I have found that my best background is a light gray ceramic tile since the website I sell through requires a light background. And don't get me started on having to write descriptions.

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